No Alarm Dog this morning

A bit of a lie in – 6:30, or thereabouts. But it was a long and somewhat sleepless night. Thunderstorm rolled through in the wee hours (maybe around 1:00) then another a couple of hours later – this time just rain. WE have a metal ridge cap on our kitchen roof (just outside the bedroom window) so it makes for a lot of noise.

Must get some coffee down my neck and see if the jolt of caffeine will wake me up.

My “Alarm Dog” went off

My alarm dog went off about fifteen minutes ago and he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer. What can I say, he has the patience of a gnat. But then what kind of patience does a gnat really have? Does anyone know?

Anyway, here I am up and with my face in the computer. No lie-in for me this morning. Perhaps my hubby will answer the call of the alarm dog tomorrow morning.

This is my alarm dog, Jake. Isn’t he a cutie?

Podcast locations

All of my podcasts (one with images and a wee story) are all available at

This is much more user-friendly once it’s set up (thanks to my webmaster for doing that) but now that the set-up aggro is over and done with, its so much easier than copying and pasting code and uploading everything. Not that knowing how to do that is a bad thing… I just like things to be simple.

I’m a firm believer in the KISS method… Keep It Simple St****.

Contest I might enter

I’m contemplating entering the Indiana Golden Opportunity contest for the first 35 pages (including synopsis) of Sarah’s Gift. I’ve entered the early parts of her in other contests but have never had my synopsis judged. Yes, that’s right, I said judged. Up to 50 points for it. I don’t write a good synopsis – it’s good as far as plot points go but not so good on the emotional reactions. Anyway, here is the link to the contest page…

Speaking Engagement

I’ve been asked to and agreed to speak at the September meeting of the Leeds & Grenville Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society on Home Children.

I spoke to this group some time ago (guess I didn’t alienate anyone) and did a talk in Kingston last April on William Quarrier and the home children who came from his organization specifically.

As the time gets closer, I’ll put more information up here.