Another Successful Writing Date

Back home from another successful writing date with two of the gals in my local group. It’s amazing what we manage to get accomplished when we’re away from our usual environment. I worked on scene(s) from my novel in a separate document since I’m not 100% certain where I’m going to insert it. The other, I only wrote a couple of lines – again for the same reason.

In addition to my novel work, I made a start on the monthly 250 word prompt. So in total my word count today is… 15 (main novel file), 743 (scenes), and 249 (prompt) for a whopping total of 1007 from about 1:o0 to 3:15. That’s about 400 words better than I accomplished on our first writing date and I was pleased with those results so you can imagine how chuffed I am with these.

And best of all, I remembered my epiphany from this morning and mentioned my title idea to them. They both loved it.

All in all, a good day on all accounts.

Another Writing Date

Tomorrow, I’m meeting the same gals as last month for another writing date. We found it extremely beneficial to be out of our usual writing environment… and being in the company of fellow writers we managed to accomplish a great deal.

Looking forward to another afternoon of creativeness and inspiration.

Now must let the laptop charge so it doesn’t run out of juice in the midst of a writing revelation.

More alternate titles for Sarah’s Gift

A friend came up with four more alternate titles for Sarah’s Gift. When and if it comes time to choose a different title for my girl and it comes from one of the ones on my lists (I know who has suggested what), they will be mentioned in the acknowledgements of my book as being the one who came up with the title. That’s why I said in my earlier post about alternate titles, it was a contest of sorts.

The latest additions are:

Doubtful Destiny
A Date with Destiny
Forever After
Dreams of Yesterday

Pretty good eh? After all, we’re talking time-travel going back in time.

My Valentine’s Present

No it wasn’t the ring that I’ve posted pictures of.  I collect stuffed animals. I have them in all shapes and sizes… some at home and more at work. I now have a tiger to add to my collection. My hubby picked him out for me about a week before Valentine’s Day when we were in the supermarket for what we jokingly call our Friday night “rendezvous.”

I’m likely dating myself with this comment but how many of you remember the old Esso commercials about putting a Tiger in Your Tank and the stuffed striped tails that fastened around the filler pipe of your tank and dangled out the outer cover?

Well, that night coming home, I didn’t have a Tiger in My Tank but I had a Tiger in My Trunk instead. And here he is. Quite the cutie pie, isn’t he?

Likely no writing tonight

I didn’t get home from work until 7:30 tonight. Things started out well but went pear-shaped shortly after 5:00. Was very glad that things got back on track and my cohort and I were able to leave at 7:00. It was reminiscent of days of old when it was just the two of us and we worked late on pay weeks on a regular basis.

No manuscript work tonight…

I didn’t work on my manuscript yesterday or today but the thoughts are percolating which is almost as good. Yesterday I helped a fellow writer perfect an entry for a contest… that has to count for something. Today it was work far more personal that I don’t want to talk about on my blog but it’s done (I hope) and I’ll be able to move on.

In addition, I finally signed up for Facebook and have farted about and wasted valuable writing time skulking about some friends pages…

Oh me thinks I need to get a life.

Alternate Titles for Sarah’s Gift

Last September when I pitched to an agent (unsuccessfully), she told me my story sounded fun but that the title didn’t do it justice. Well, since it began its life as a short story about ten/eleven years ago, it’s always been known as Sarah’s Gift.

Here is a list of alternate ideas suggested by writers in the groups I belong to. So, how about some input as to which one(s) you like the best? A contest if you will, to determine the title for my first novel.

Weetshill Revisited
Dreams and Consequences
Reality or Make Believe
Lost in Time
Time Lost
Yearning for Home
To Dream of Love
The Lady of Weetshill
A Time of Splendour
In the Eye of the Beholder
Smoke and Mirrors
Fast Falls the Eventide
Deja Vu
Perception of Reality
Perchance to Dream
Paradise Postponed
Tread Softly on Dreams
Dreams of Desire
Flickering Shadows
Rendezvouz with Destiny
Lost Bride
Lost in Time
Sarah’s Journey
The Reluctant Bride
The Time-Travel Bride
A Dangerous Proposal
Weetshill Manor
The Winds of Weetshill
Moonlight at Weetshill
The Craigs of Aberdeen
The Girl of Weetshill Manor
Moonlight over Aberdeenshire
Sarah of the Hills
Sarah of Aberdeen

Yesterday’s writing

At one point yesterday, I got up to 92509 words! That was an increase of 600 from where I left off on Saturday. But then… I deleted a bunch so my final word count when I finished yesterday was back down to 92360 for a net increase of 451.

I knew with the direction this revision is going in, I’d be deleting quite a few words… paragraphs… scenes… pages… chapters… so it’s going to get harder to keep track of exactly what I’ve written. I’ll figure something out.

Saturday’s word count

I managed 134 words yesterday. Not many but still keeping my butt in the chair and working. I did manage to find that pesky bit that I wasted some writing time looking for. I did have it in twice so deleted the second occurrence. So lost some words there.

Hopefully today will be a productive one. My opening number for today is 91909 words. We’ll see where I end up.