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Inspiration – it came… and it went

After going along smoothly, the words flowing out of my fingers, I’ve found myself grinding to a halt again. I had to stop and check a few details and formulate how I would work them in to my writing. Simple things, really… what train would my hero take from the nearby train station into Aberdeen? And once I got him to the city, what time would he leave? Minor details perhaps, but details that need to be accounted for.

A eureka moment

They don’t happen often but when they do they’re usually pretty darn good. I happen to think this one is a cracker! I’ve figured out how to get Robert out of his arranged marriage to Letitia Christie so that he’s free to marry Sarah.

Not saying any more than that right now. If you want to know, you’ll have to wait until my novel is published and buy a copy so you can read it for yourself.

Naming properties in my first novel

I had a brainwave this morning that I would change the name of the estate in the Victorian era from Gordonsfield to Gleanstane (basically glen of stones) and since I envision the Christie mansion being in a bit of a valley, a standing stone or two by themselves and a stone circle atop a hill, the name sounded absolutely perfect.

However in my heroine’s time, she knows it as Gordonsfield. A bit of a dilemma but not for long. I mention the burnt out shell of a house on the property which still exists in the twenty-first century. So, the burnt out shell of a house was rented by one Gordon Eadie a tenant farmer (crofter) on the Christie estate and the land that his house was on was his “field”… hence Gordon’s Field… and over the years shortened to Gordonsfield.

So a few find and replaces later and an explanation or two and all will be well. However, I’m going to continue on from where I left off at the weekend and worry about the earlier changes later. I’m finding myself on a roll as far as the current revisions are going so want to keep on that track. I’m not in any rush to go back to the first three chapters and start again –  spent way TOO much time back there.

Productive day on the revisions front

I started back in my chapters 7-9 file of Sarah’s Gift after lunch and by the time I shut the computer down to come home from my mum’s, I was into the chapters 13-15 file. I even found the perfect place to put the file I started working on when I was distracted last weekend! When said file called to me to be written.

Woo Hoo!!! Hooray for me!

A few revisions…

Didn’t get a lot accomplished today on my revisions although it was more than I have been doing of late. I did add some flavour to the countryside… sweet smell of the air after the rain… sprinted through the wet grass… high-pitched whine of a motorbike faded off into the distance… low rumble of a diesel lorry… wood fired steam engine… the smell of freshly cut hay and farm animals.

I rearranged some of the character descriptions. Hope I didn’t create any info dumps doing that. At least I still have my previous version so I can go back to it  if need be and only add the countryside “flavour” to it.

Contest I might enter

I’m contemplating entering the Indiana Golden Opportunity contest for the first 35 pages (including synopsis) of Sarah’s Gift. I’ve entered the early parts of her in other contests but have never had my synopsis judged. Yes, that’s right, I said judged. Up to 50 points for it. I don’t write a good synopsis – it’s good as far as plot points go but not so good on the emotional reactions. Anyway, here is the link to the contest page…

Meeting with fellow writer

This morning I’m meeting for coffee with a fellow writer who is in town doing research for her novel. She wants me to collaborate some facts with her as well as pick my brain about my own particular area of expertise – Home Children.

We spoke briefly on the phone last night and I’m looking forward to meeting with her in a couple of hours.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get a chance to plug my three manuscripts?

Un-privatized posts

Some time ago, I made a couple of my posts regarding Sarah’s Gift private rather than prejudice my chances of getting her published. Well, I think I’ve varied from my original story enough that I can safely “un-privatize” the posts of the synopses… the full and the brief.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to Sudbury I go

Leaving tomorrow morning for Sudbury where I’m combining a visit with family with another Brian Henry workshop. Promises to be great fun, relaxing and informative… that’s the whole weekend, not just the workshop.

This workshop is on Writing and Revising and with where I am in Sarah’s Gift, I need this workshop sooner than later. Although it is being offered in Kingston in October (if my memory doesn’t fail me). And I will likely attend it again. There are always things you miss on the first go around.

I think it’s coming back… as in the motivation

Well, I’ve managed to start the wedding scene. Okay, I already had “the wedding goes off without a hitch blah blah blah” but hadn’t written any of the details. I’d left Sarah having a confrontation with the bad-ass outside the wedding venue and looking over her shoulder as she took her father’s arm to make the walk down the aisle.

Not sure why I decided to pick this missing scene to work on but, hey, I’m at least working on it. That’s a start.

I agree with Stephen King… when it feels like work, it’s no fun.