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A Mezzanotte Medical Romance ~MAKING THE DIFFERENCE by Kathryn Haydon


Making the Difference


Kathryn Haydon


MezzanotteGenre: Medical romance

Release Date: January 2017 (e-book format) & March 2017 (print format); both available via

Publisher: Mezzanotte

Single mum, Phoebe Jackson is stunned to find her new neighbour is hot, new doc Oliver Grey – locum consultant for Greenways Hospice where she is a specialist palliative care nurse. At their first encounter sparks fly, but soon there are sparks of a different sort. However, Oliver makes it clear from the outset that he’s not a settling down kind of guy. Having a family is not for him. Phoebe must decide if a summer romance is enough – or can true love change his mind?




“I like you, Phoebe Jackson – very much.” Placing a finger on her lips, Oliver silenced her. “If we take things any further it’s your call. Only before you make that decision you need to know something. I don’t do families, or long-term commitment. I’m a man who can’t offer roses round the door and a happy ever after ending. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, never say I didn’t warn you.”

Feeling her cheeks flame, Phoebe gasped. Stepping back smartly, she broke Oliver’s hold, head held high.

“I think you’d better go,” she hissed, keeping her voice low because of her son sleeping upstairs. “Though, for the record, aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself, Oliver? I’m content with my life the way it is. Noah and I are fine on our own. It would take a really special kind of guy to make me even consider changing the status quo. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve already got roses round my door!”


“Hell, Phoebe, I didn’t mean – – -” Cursing under his breath, he reached for her.

Fending him off, Phoebe’s eyes blazed.

“What exactly did you mean, Oliver? I’m not sure.” Her voice was saccharine sweet. “Are you suggesting, since we live in such close proximity, that you pop round for a spot of sex whenever the mood takes, no strings attached? We are both single, how very convenient. I’m afraid you’ll have to let me get back to you on that one. I haven’t had much experience of playing the hussy.”

“Phoebe, be a gown up. I’m moving on after the summer.” Oliver gave her a hard look. “We both know that. I’m not into making promises I can’t keep.”










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I don’t remember the start. From as far back as I recall, from the moment I first held a pen, I’ve loved to write. There’s always been a story running through my head. At school, English was my favourite subject; I excelled at essay writing, if not much else. My secret dream was to be published ‘one day.’ That day took a long time coming, but what a wonderful feeling when it happened!

When my children were small, like many young mums who are nurses, I chose night duty. This fitted around family commitments, especially working on a part-time basis. As my children grew, I felt the urge to write again and joined a creative writing group run by the Exeter branch of the W.E.A. It was a very supportive little group; members ranged in age from nineteen to ninety. Thursday afternoons soon became the highlight of my week. And I learned many important lessons: primarily, if you want to be published, remember writing is a business. So, act professionally.

Glibly, I shared the fact I once wrote a romance, painstakingly slowly on my word processor. And sent off a partial – the usual three chapters and a synopsis – to a well-known publisher. Unfortunately, what followed was a rejection, in the form of a lengthy letter with detailed comments and an invitation to resubmit (with a different story-line). Much water had gone under the bridge since then and I hadn’t resubmitted, believing what I received to be a publisher’s standard reply. I recall our writing tutor’s ‘shock, horror.’ Why hadn’t I penned another story and sent if off immediately? Writing is a business, she said. Time is valuable. Nothing is written or said, ‘just to be polite.’ No one would bother to read three whole chapters and make constructive comments, if they didn’t see promise and seriously intend the author to resubmit. Oh dear.

Fast forward several more years; children all grown up now. Timidly, I entered one of the Writing Magazine’s short story competitions. Oh, the joy of seeing my name in print, short listed at first attempt! However, my confidence – shaky at best – took a dive when several more entries never got a mention. Maybe I didn’t have what it takes, after all. Then, a Eureka moment when another short story entry was placed second.

Around this period, I tried novel writing again to test the waters. The mistake I made was not completing my story before approaching a publisher. In fact, those three chapters and a synopsis was all I had this time. Who would have thought the response would be so quick, especially un-agented, from the ‘slush pile!’ Not me, that’s for sure. It was a hard lesson; always best to complete one’s story before sending anything off.

Leafing through my Writing Magazine about two years ago, I spotted an article on the Subscriber Spotlight page mentioning the publisher, Mezzanotte. With trepidation, I made contact and was invited to send a sample of my writing – the usual three chapters and a synopsis. They say, ‘write what you know’ and I was trying the medical romance genre and enjoying it. Anyway, back came the reply, please send the rest. So glad I had the rest!

‘Making the Difference’ was published in January 2017. It is available from or direct from, in both e-book and print format. Thank you, Bettina for your steady support and guidance along the way. One of my best memories is working with Bettina to help choose the book’s dust jacket – which I love!

I write under the pen name Kathryn Haydon. Why use a pen name? For me, it gives a certain professional freedom. How did I choose it? Well, Haydon is a nod to my mother – Haydon was her maiden name – and Kathryn just seemed to flow with it.

What am I doing right now? Retirement has gifted me more time to do what I enjoy most – writing. Under contract with Mezzanotte, I am working on a book sequel. My writing journey hasn’t stopped; indeed, I don’t think it ever will.





Hello readers, pleased to meet you and have this chance to introduce myself. I am a West Country author; indeed, the red earth of Devon is steeped in my bones. I write under the pen name of Kathryn Haydon – Haydon as a nod to my mother (it was her maiden name) and Kathryn for no other reason than it flows well!

From as far back as I remember, I’ve loved to write and always hoped to be published ‘one day’ – but, as all writers know, the road to publication is a tough one and it’s taken me a while. Although short story competition wins, not least the Crediton Courier prize in June 2016, felt good, publishing a novel remained elusive. However, in January 2017, my dream was realised. What a thrill to see ‘Making the Difference’ launched via, first as an e-book and later, March 2017, in print format. A big thank you to Bettina at Mezzanotte for all her support and guidance along the way.

What were the highlights as I worked steadily though my six- month contract with Mezzanotte, bringing my book to completion? There were several, starting (of course) with Bettina’s email stating that she liked my synopsis and first three chapters – and could I please send her the rest. You bet I could; in fact, I couldn’t send the remaining chapters off fast enough! The thing that stands out most, though, is the excitement I felt on being involved in choice of my book’s dust jacket. A real ‘wow’ moment, especially as I love it!

Why choose the medical romance genre? Well, they say write what you know and I am a retired nurse. So, it made sense to use a medical setting as the backdrop for my story. Also, I remain passionate about good palliative care; it really does make the difference. So, if you’re looking for something new – a ‘feel good’ book to curl up with on a winter evening by a cosy log fire, perhaps – then look no further. ‘Making the Difference’ is waiting for you, with an ending that won’t disappoint.

I’ve enjoyed writing Oliver and Phoebe’s story very much. I hope you have equal pleasure reading it.

Very best wishes,

Kathryn Haydon.


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