Celtic Connexions welcomes YA author – Lauren Howell

Today I’m thrilled to host fellow lovehappyending.com author Lauren Howell. Before I put Lauren on the hotseat, I thought I would share the cover and brief synopsis of her debut YA fantasy novel.


Jake, a dragon wearing orange chucks, shows up in Kelly Foster’s living room disguised as a human.  When he starts going on about a lost sword, a magical pendant and Stonehenge being the gatekeeper to the lost city of Atlantis, Kelly feels a little more than skeptical.  But when Jake tells her it could all be the key to finding her father, Kelly doesn’t hesitate to jump on board.  Swept away to the world of Rowan, she picks up a band of followers along the way, Henry, Tyler, Sky, and Caesius.  Will they help her find her father or will someone more sinister cause their paths to go in opposite directions.  Will Kelly do what she came to do then go home?  Because the fate of Rowan is up to her.

Now for the fun bit…

What prompted you to write Rowan?

I actually started Rowan when I was a kid, though, it was very VERY different from what it is now.  In fact, I don’t think there’s a trace left of the original story except for Jacinth and Henry.  I always wrote stories when I was a kid and I always wanted to be a writer.  I couldn’t get enough of what books did for me and I always wanted to write stories that would do that for other people.  Provide an escape, a comfortable, fun place to go on a cozy afternoon.

Why did you choose Stonehenge for the cover (other than it features in the book)?

There’s a really easy explanation for this.  It was free.  Being as this was my first book and all, I ended up getting the cover for free.  I had wanted to put the sword from the book on the front but the person doing the cover needed to use a photo and wasn’t able to design it themselves.  So I chose something that at least had something to do with the book.

Before self-publishing it, did you try the traditional route?

No, I didn’t try the traditional route before self-publishing.  I wanted to have the freedom of self-publishing would give me.  However, I discovered that I am horrible at marketing so I may be looking to see if I can’t find a publisher.

Are you currently working on another book?

Yes!  Not only the sequel to Rowan but several others as well that I’m really excited about.  They aren’t all young adult fantasy like Rowan is but they do all have some sort of supernatural element to them.

Where to buy Rowan:

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 207 KB
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Lending: Enabled
Reading level: Ages 9-12

Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (May 2, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1461134315
ISBN-13: 978-1461134312
Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.4 inches
Shipping Weight: 9.3 ounces
Sold By: Barnes & Noble

Format: NOOK Book (eBook)
Age Range: Young Adult
Series: Kelly Foster #1
File Size: 758 KB
BN ID: 2940012483034

Amazon (buy): http://amzn.to/k5OfSr
Amazon (buy paperback): http://amzn.to/iLA4S0
Barnes and Noble (buy): http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rowan/1031139951?ean=9781461134312&itm=1&usri=rowan+lauren+howell

What are readers saying about Rowan?

Kimberly Hoye: What a great adventure! I finished it in 2 days! From the beginning to the end, I didn’t want to put it down. It kept my attention and made me want to read more.  Humor, sarcasm, suspense, friendship, it’s all there! A great read for anyone who enjoyed Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Neverending Story!

Jay “Dizzle”: This book was a real page-turner.  I finished it in one sitting.  It has great suspense and drama.  The character interactions are fantastic and its very well written.  I can’t really describe how much I enjoyed this read but please take my advice if you like young adult fiction like Harry Potter or Twilight then pick up Rowan.  More please Ms. Howell!!!

SBM: A great adventure story for readers of all ages! This creative storyline is filled with fantastic characters that make it a truly fun read.

MarksLadyJane: I read alot of werewolf and vampire books but the DRAGON in the story surprised me…I love it!

About the author…

Lauren likes reading, writing, gaming, camping, hiking, horseback riding, sports and just about anything else that makes life fun. She’s currently in school studying anthropology and when she’s gets through that program, Lauren will continue her education to get her masters in forensic anthropology and archaeology.

She has many obsessions, some of which are anything to do with fantasy, tigers, cryptozoology, the paranormal and just all around mysteries of the world, post apocalyptic books, shows, and movies, moleskine notebooks, sharpie, and the color orange.

Facebook laurenhowellwriter: http://on.fb.me/m4qtwL
Twitter @lm_howell: http://bit.ly/kA9iSQ


loveahappyending.com author Miriam Wakerly launches Gypsies Stop tHere

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Gypsies Stop tHere

“A fantastic, insightful first novel… Challenges prejudices
and entertains thoroughly… perfect holiday read”

Will uprooting herself from London to live in the country help Kay escape guilt-ridden memories of her husband’s death? Far from finding a quiet life, she is caught up in an age-old village conflict where passionate opinions on Romany Gypsy Travellers divide the local people.

A young woman, Lena, enters her life, unwittingly putting Kay’s plans on hold. Kay struggles to not only come to terms with her emotional past but also to resolve Lena’s problems, those of the village and the Gypsies. And another relationship blossoms that she would never have dreamed of…

Gina Dickerson’s Lies Love Tells blog launch

 Lies Love Tells:

Saze Monnivan thinks Mr Him is not being completely honest with her. Fingers of suspicion tap at her, telling her that he’s not vanishing night after night to guzzle alcohol with his friend, Mr Dry, who appears to hate Saze. She pours her emotions into her blog diary and her real life takes a sharp turn, spiralling her into unknown territory, giving her the courage to stand up to Mr Him. Unfortunately Mr Him’s not the only person Saze needs to be afraid of. Something awful is happening to young women in the town and their lives are being extinguished frighteningly early.

As Saze’s life peaks and falls spectacularly and her blog attracts interest, comments, and trolls, she can’t help wondering if her followers exist only in the virtual or whether she needs to be looking over her shoulder.

Is Saze foolish to trust new faces, will she ever survive the madness she is inadvertently drawn into, and will she find the love she craves?

Where to buy:

For the Kindle:
Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/MpKWVs
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/LZn49C

Paperback version:
Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/LYCElJ
Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/LronQG
In other e-book formats:
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/SmshwrdsLiesLT

The book is also on other sites like WHSmith’s in paperback  here and ebook here. Waterstones in paperback here. The Book Depository (link is for the UK site) also in paperback here.

About Gina:

Gina Dickerson lives by the Thanet coast with her family and Siberian husky. Besides writing, Gina loves vintage shopping, scoffing crisps with cheese (sometimes accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine), de-fluffing her dog, and buying new shoes. She has had short stories and poetry published in collections. Lies Love Tells is her first novel.
You can find Gina online at the following links:

Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life – Results and Pictures

The last total I have from the Brockville Relay for Life website, shows our team “Annie’s Angels” in second place with $6651.57. The amounts are still subject to change as the donations are still open for a few days, and we heard last night that we had another cheque that wasn’t included in that total. Yay!

Setting up our camp site for the night
Survivors’ Walk
Our team, Annie’s Angels
The Luminaries just after lighting. There were at least 1200 sold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer.

Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t do the luminaries justice because of the flash on my camera. So when I got a bit further around on the track, I changed my camera settings to aperture priority and got this one instead. Much better effect as far as the glowing candlelight goes but when you don’t have a tripod with you, it’s really hard not to move, especially when you’re squatting.

The luminaries without flash – as I said a wee bit shaky

Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life

Tonight I’ll be walking in the Brockville Relay for Life on Team #29, Annie’s Angels. A bunch of us from work, and Anne’s sisters will be taking part tonight in honour of our beloved Anne, who lost her battle with cancer in January.

At last count, our team was in first place in fundraising, and two of our members are firmly in the top ten for individual fundraisers. You can check us out at Brockville Relay for Life.

I’m taking my camera so will post pictures tomorrow.

Lovehappyending Feature Author, Richard Holmes, launches his first book in the Fragments of Divinity series

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“The first book in the Fragments Of Divinity series. An innovative publication of blog style articles that deal with potentially complicated spiritual subjects in an easy to read and understand way. based mainly on the author’s own actual experiences, these delightful articles will provide both inspiration and insight to the reader, and will also answer many of those nagging questions that you thought you would never receive answers to. A truly inspirational read.”



About the Author
Richard was born in London in 1955 and has lived a very topsy turvey life that hit rock bottom as we entered the new millennium.

I always felt like a bit of a misfit, not really belonging anywhere. This is illustrated by the fact that I left school at 15 with no qualifications and would have been asked to leave had I not done so voluntarily. By the time I was 17 I’d had 24 jobs and was just not able to settle anywhere.”

Out of frustration and boredom Richard joined the army in 1976, but this did not work out either and he left at the end of 1979. After a three month interim period Richard went off to Germany to work and remained abroad for six years. It was during his time in the army and in Germany that he succumbed excessively to the temptations of alcohol.

I had taken certain drugs at a younger age but my body had not responded well to this punishment. Because of this I had no trouble giving up the drugs but alcohol represented a different proposition, and for many years I sought solace in this substance which inevitably led to depression”.

Richard returned to the UK in 1986 and by the mid 1990’s found himself in a pretty sorry state. Things came to a head during the latter part of 2000 when Richard’s life seemed to sink down to an all-time low.

Finally, out of the darkness there came a light and in 2001 I found my spiritual pathway giving me a purpose in life“.

These days Richard lives in Tetbury, Gloucestershire and has been working as a medium for over ten years. He runs workshops in various spiritual topics, gives private consultations for guidance along life’s pathway and also tutors on a one-to-one basis in meditation and spiritual awareness. He is a Reiki healer, psychic surgeon, spiritually inspired artist and gives profound interpretations of dreams.

You can find Richard here:

Website: http://www.richardfholmes.org
Facebook: Author Richard Holmes
Twitter: @atmicsplendour

And his books here:


The Unveiling…

Presenting the new Melanie Robertson-King “brand”

As children, we’ve been taught that bragging, boasting or tooting our own horn is not an attractive quality and we shouldn’t do it.

But authors, well we have to be “out” there. Launching and signing our books, marketing ourselves. Besides good writing, being approachable to our readers, there is still something else that’s important. What’s that you say?

Your author “brand”. A catchy tag line on your products – website, business cards, etc. will make you stand out.

And in keeping with that… I now unveil the “new” Melanie Robertson-King “brand”.

Please visit my website melanierobertson-king.com and sign my guestbook with your feedback about my new “brand”.

Congratulations to loveahappyending.com author Linn B. Halton on her launch of The Quintessential Gemini

My apologies to Linn. I usually have these posts scheduled to go up in advance but this one snuck up on me. What’s sad is, I knew it was today which is also my wedding anniversary. So before June 7th draws to a close, let me get a post up here for Linn and wish her all the best for a successful launch day for her novel.

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The Quintessential Gemini

For twenty-one years, the focus of Katherine Dale’s life has been her work. Love interests and hobbies came and went, but what has always been there for her—her only constant other than her cat delightfully named No. 4—was her nine to five habit. Until she’s replaced.
With her confidence dented, Katherine is angry at life and at herself.

She’s ignored hints of “changes to come” in her horoscope forecasts, written by the wonderful and renowned astrologer, Mark Ainsley-Thomas.

Mark is now an “A” list celebrity in the UK and his new Agent is determined to raise his profile in America, so he has to take on the new, but talented, astrologer James Kingman to help him run his web-site.

Katherine lives her life according to her daily horoscope. When Katherine finds James has been writing her daily horoscopes rather than Mark, Katherine’s life explodes in confusion and, unexpectedly, love as the three lives become inextricably tangled. Insecurity, self-doubt, guilt, stress, and frustration, coupled with village gossips and merciless reporters wanting eye-catching headlines leave Katherine feeling vulnerable and in need of guidance.

Now Katherine has to learn that the stars might be telling her that love is going to feature in her life, but when Katherine finds herself implicated in the headlines ‘Mystic Love Triangle Surprise’ she’s just as surprised as everyone else! None of the men in her life are love interests – so what exactly does fate have in store?

To find out more about Linn, her novels and where to buy The Quintessential Gemini (e-book and paperback formats):

Author Page: http://loveahappyending.com/linn-b-halton
Author’s Website: linnbhalton.co.uk
Amazon UK (buy): amazon.co.uk
Amazon US (buy): amazon.com
Sapphire Star Publishing: Sapphire Star Publishing
Twitter Account: @LinnBHalton
Facebook Author: Linn B Halton