Book Trailers

Welcome to the book trailers section of my blog. Currently, I have two completed and loaded. A Shadow in the Past and YESTERDAY TODAY ALWAYS have their pages with book trailers.

Not sure what a book trailer is? Well, it’s quite like a movie trailer except it’s an advert for a book.

Most of the photos used in the making of the trailers are ones I’ve taken on vacations with a few royalty-free images from pixabay.

I used the Windows 10 photo app for YESTERDAY TODAY ALWAYS, so the music in it was included in the theme I chose. I think it evokes the suspense and psychological thriller element of the book.

For A Shadow in the Past – Second Edition, I used powerpoint and a clip of royalty free music from incompetech. I used the same clip of music when I created the first trailer for the original edition of the book.

Do check back from time to time. As I complete trailers for my other books, I’ll add them.

You can view the book trailers on their individual pages, or at these links.

A Shadow in the Past


I’d love to hear what you think of the trailers I’ve created. Please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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