It Happened on Dufferin Terrace (a sweet romance)

What readers are saying about my sweet romance, Christmas novella

sweet romance
In Author Melanie Robertson-King’s latest novel, IT HAPPENED ON DUFFERIN TERRACE; I met a cast of characters that I will not soon forget. Each one has special needs that touched my heart and had me hoping that life would turn out right for them.

First, there’s Serenity Layne, a business lady, whose boss gives her a new assignment to visit the department store chain, jonathans, and study each store. She is to see which ones are doing well and which ones are not. If she does a good job, she might get a raise, a promotion, or even a partnership. Who could refuse a deal like that?

Enter a dog, a man, and a boy and her whole life changes, even more so than just the possibility of a better job.

The author has created delightful characters that are so real; they might be your next-door neighbours. I found myself crossing my fingers that all would work out for Serenity and also for her new friends. I cannot resist an adorable dog. Or a ten-year-old boy. You have to love them.

IT HAPPENED ON DUFFERIN TERRACE is a gentle story, with what I had hoped was a happy ending. And then…Melanie Robertson-King throws in a big, big, question that changes everything. At least in my mind. Now, when does the next book come out? Beverly McClure, author

Just like its protagonist, Serenity Layne, the writing in this book starts out a bit distant, cold and sparse. Giving up its tale while protecting itself, never giving away too much all at once.

Serenity is the ultimate career woman, working too many hours, never making friends or attending social functions as a means of having fun. Career advancement and self preservation are her focus.
When a major assignment sends her off on a tour of Canada, and a series of retail stores, her goal is do the best job she can and earn a promotion and corner office.

We get a glimpse of her future early in the book but must wait for the story to play out.

As Serenity realizes there is more to life than work and recognition, the writing warms up as well.

Quebec City is known for beautiful architecture and historical events, but after meeting Roger Scott, Serenity becomes aware of more than the dark side of humanity.

I enjoyed getting to understand why these characters are the way they are. If you are expecting a predictable happily ever after ending, you may be surprised. Laura, book blogger

Serenity is an efficiency consultant for retail stores. It is fun to read her adventures and see her solve her problems at work and also meet people who care about her as a person. I was impressed with the amount of walking in the story along with great descriptions of the area. I felt like I was there in the stores along with Serenity Layne. Joan Edwards, author

Feel good factor. Easy to read and follow. Everyone likes a happy ending . JAC, amazon reviewer

Serenity Layne has been tasked, by her company, to spend 6 months auditing a chain of department store chain that have been running for over 100 years. She is to travel the length and breadth of Canada and come with a plan to bring the stores into the 21st Century despite some opposition. Not everyone likes her ideas and is willing to modernise things.
Travelling around for 6 months, living out of a suitcase is no great hardship for Serenity. A horrible childhood and a brother she pretends doesn’t exist, means Serenity is used to being on her own. There is a real sadness about her that she tries her hardest to keep hidden. She’s not only alone but lonely……….if only she’d admit it to herself.  She’s never yearned for anything more in her life than her career. To be a partner in the consultancy firm she works with has been her ultimate dream. That is until she meets Roger and his son Adam. Roger hasn’t dated in many years, a widower for 3 years who has concentrated on bringing his son up alone. However, Adam has other ideas and is keen for his father to find that special someone. Could it be Serenity?
This is a lovely little book. I read the entire thing in a few hours. It has that feel good factor that many novels are missing. The characters are sweet and endearing and its good to see the main character evolve throughout the course of the story. Her ideas to change the stores are almost in parallel with her own willingness to change what she always saw as important. Priorities and needs change. The book touches on subjects such as dysfunctional families, grief and a need to find a place in the world.  However, it wasn’t a depressing book. It was full of hope. The writing flows easily and is well paced and Melanie Robertson-King has given some wonderful descriptions of Quebec City. I almost felt I was there among the snowflakes! If you are looking for an easy read with some great characters then this is the book for you. JB Johnston, Brook Cottage Books
sweet romance

My Scottish roots and writing by Melanie Robertson-King