Productive few days

The inspiration was there, the mind was cooperative and quite a few words were committed to “paper”. I had a few things I had to look up online to confirm with what I’d written. Think I’ve got that all looked after, so… now can fill in the blanks in my documents and carry on.

Did pretty good on the shopping front, too.

Dry Spell has passed

Met with the girls in my local writers’ group yesterday. During the course of the morning meeting we got on the subject of writers’ block and how I’d not written a word in some time. Well, I came out of there with a fresh outlook not to mention some excellent ideas.

I managed to write for about 5-6 hours yesterday. Woo hoo!!!

A spark?

I left my Blackberry turned on when I went to bed last night, as I always do, forgetting that I receive an e-mail from Forward Motion in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I couldn’t have been in a very sound sleep because I heard the thing vibrate and it was on the far side of the room!

Anyway, a few thoughts for Sarah’s Gift sort of came to me in those few disturbed moments of slumber but after mulling them over and bouncing them off a gal in my writers’ group, I’ve decided not to incorporate them.

Hey but at least I was thinking about my manuscript and getting back at it!

Nothing yet…

I wrote the other day about writing to deadline and the few precious days I have to finish the current revision of my manuscript – Sarah’s Gift. Well, I’ve not written a single word… zilch, nadda, el-zippo, zero… you get the picture.

Hoping to be able to spend the weekend (when I’m not running errands) getting some serious writing done. But time will tell.

Amazon Order

I ordered four books from last week. While checking to see if my order had been shipped, I discovered I’d added a book to it that I already have. Luckily, I was able to delete it but wasn’t able to add the title I wanted.

One of the three books that remained on the order was Victorian and Edwardian Fashion – A Photographic Survey. I’m hoping that having it will bring back the inspiration and motivation I need to get this revision of Sarah’s Gift finished.

Oh, and the other two books? Both Stuart MacBride titles… books three and four… Broken Skin and Flesh House. And even though I’m a self-confessed Stuart MacBride addict (well at least his writing), I’m resisting the temptation to read these right away. The writing has to come first.

See my previous post entitled Writing to Deadline?

Writing to deadline?

An appointment to pitch to an agent. How exciting! Especially when it could mean securing someone to represent my work. But… my manuscript isn’t completely finished and proper etiquette dictates you don’t pitch an incomplete project. I’ve got until September 11th to complete the current revision since I’ll be pitching it the next day. Twenty six days remain as I write this on August 17th between me and that ever so important date. In addition to completing the manuscript, I also have to perfect my pitch. Yikes! Nothing like putting the pressure on myself. My original goal was to be finished by August 31st. That still could happen. I’ve not ruled it out totally.

Because I’m not a linear writer, it’s very difficult for me to gauge exactly how much I have left to write. I’ve come up with some ideas to get me through the remainder of the segment that takes place in the past. Even though I have an outline, thanks to storybook, I’ve veered off course from it, too. Not a lot but some.

Compounding matters, my motivation has gone walkabout and has yet to return. This is the fifth revision of Sarah’s Gift so to say I’m getting bored is an understatement. I want to move on to other projects.

Can I do this? Can I be ready to give a word count and genre to the agent in addition to my “TV guide” version of the plot? I’m definitely going to give it a shot.

No production on the writing front…

I had an extremely unproductive day on the writing front. Couldn’t even get my wind settled to come up with 250 words for my local writer’s group monthly prompt for next Sunday. I did, however, manage to watch two weeks of Coronation St so now I’m completely caught up… until I fall behind again next week.

I’ve asked for an appointment to pitch to an agent at our next ORWA meeting (Sept 12) so maybe that’s the motivation I need to get my brain working… not to mention the deadline.

Keep watching this space for photos and stories about the Scene of the Crime Festival that I attended yesterday.

One more sleep…

Well, only one more sleep and I’ll be heading off to the Scene of the Crime Mystery Writers’ Festival on Wolfe Island. YEAH!!!

Still have no idea what I’m going to wear other than I plan on taking a warm sweater with me. I’ve done the walk-on onto the ferry and sitting up on the top deck watching the scenery go buy can be chilly. Not to mention getting wind blown… hmm… want to look somewhat professional so if the walk-on thing is done tomorrow morning, perhaps I best not be out in the elements? Or tie my hair back in an elastic so it doesn’t get quite so windblown? Maybe one of the indoor seats would be more appropriate, or take a hair brush with me… or both.

Will decide that tomorrow.

Friday the 13th

Are you of a suspicious nature? Avoid black cats, walking under ladders, want to stay in bed on this day? Not me. I find that Friday the 13th is usually one of my betters days… but then I have to be different.