house‘Whispers Through Time’ by Melanie Robertson-King earns a well-deserved five-star review for its gripping narrative and intricate blend of supernatural elements with a deep, family-centric storyline.

From the outset, the book has real charm with its vivid depiction of locations and seamless navigation between past and present, making even those unfamiliar with supernatural genres avid fans. The engrossing storyline and vividly described scenes grabbed me from the first chapter. The blend of family secrets with supernatural elements, set against the backdrop of Canada was brilliantly executed.

The author’s meticulous research shines through, offering readers a rich, immersive experience. Robertson-King’s skilful handling of time jumps adds a dynamic layer, weaving a tale that’s both haunting and deeply moving. This novel is a must-read, promising an unforgettable journey through the intricacies of time, family, and the supernatural. Richard Robinson, Author of Topaz

houseWell, what can I say about Whispers through Time? It definitely deserves a 5-Star rating from me. From the very first chapter, the first few lines grab your attention and pull you right into the story. For me, it was the tag line of Past and Present Collide in a Haunting Tale of Family Secrets and Supernatural Intrigue as I am not especially a fan of Supernatural Genre of books but I am definitely a big fan of this one.

The book is well-researched and the descriptions of the locations throughout the book of where it takes places are superb, you feel like you can picture what is happening and where in your mind. While reading Whispers through Time I got the feeling I knew where the book was set so well. The author also handles the time jumps between the different decades very well and the whole book moved along at a good pace with the narrative between the time jumps working together as a whole as part of the storyline with the different characters from the different eras being very believable and adding depth to the story line and moving the action along as the story unfolds.
All I can say is that Whispers through Time definitely needs to be on your reading list. Lynsey Adams, Reading Between the Lines

houseI love the premise of this book with the historic house as, not only background, but as a main character. The setting is perfectly written, giving a chilling feel to the book. I felt as if I was there and chills were running through my body. In fact, it was downright spooky. The story is told through four time-periods, and these are interwoven beautifully, to perform a novel, which holds the reader enthralled. Historical fiction is a particular favourite of mine and I think the historical aspects are handled well. It is obvious the author has conducted thorough research but this does not bog the story down.

Of course, one cannot ignore the human characters in the book. Just as the character of the house is well-written, so are the main characters. They each have their own personalities and are brought to life on the page. Taken together with a riveting plot and a mystery, which keeps one reading, this is definitely one to read. Wendy H. Jones, Author of the DI Shona McKenzie Mysteries

houseA dramatic flashback hooked my imagination as the novel opened. I quickly became engaged with urban explorers, Nicole, Connor and Cooper. I quickly got to know these well drawn characters.

Soon I was caught in a web of spookiness at the abandoned property where the characters were exploring. I warmed to Nicole, began to feel her fear, as she hears “gut wrenching screams”.

Early on I felt a sense of pathos in the book. I felt moved by how Nicole wanted to try and help the woman screaming in distress. At the same time I was enthralled by backstory. I felt sympathy for Mary and Walter’s daughter, Grace. I felt drawn in by the child’s intuition, how Grace felt something was wrong about the room but couldn’t explain it … “the room scares me” added haunting melancholy vibrations to the story. It was not surprising there was something called the Kembleford Curse.

There is much to be scared about in this book. And it is a scary read! But it is also an exciting read, a novel with a lot of passions. I felt Nicole and her brothers were passionate about their urban explorations, just as Mary and Walter were passionate about their purchase of the hotel, in days gone by. Then, there is the sweet passion Grace had for her beloved doll. I really loved the special bond Grace had with her doll, Clara.

Just as there was much passion in this ghostly tale I felt it was also a novel of contrasts: details of modern technology, the speed of text messages, set against handwritten letters of long ago; when a letter could take absolutely ages to arrive at its recipient. Being scared by ghostly happenings then also reading of normal everyday kind of activities like shopping for a dress. The contrasts added layers, textures to the book.

This unique novel moved me in so many different and intense ways. I felt it was a well written, well plotted book, a novel I would reread…………and recommend to others. Janice Cairns, Author of The Heriots of Larkdale Hall

houseCan the spookiness of a house be resolved or made worse by others who inhabit a home?

Reading Melanie Robertson King’s Whispers Through Time is like reading three books in one. The tragedies of 1914 seem to affect people who live there frightening away some and inviting others to try their powers at uncovering the secrets. Will they make the spookiness worse or solve the problem? Read it to find out. Joan Y. Edwards, Author of Flip Flap Floodle and Joan’s Elder Care

My Scottish roots and writing by Melanie Robertson-King