Can I do it?

This is the subject of the next 250 word prompt from my local writers’ group. I’ve got an idea in mind so I’ll see what comes of it when the time comes to write it.

Have a couple of other writing priorities that need attending to first.

Contest mentioned earlier

I’ve found out the deadline has been extended to July 1st. Can I do it? I’m thinking the first 25-30 pages of the manuscript are pretty clean (just need to get rid of some “notes to self”) so it’s just a matter of working on the synopsis. Depending on how long it ends up being, is how many pages of manuscript I’ll be able to include.

We’ll see what happens. I’ve got until Thursday.

Writers’ Group Meeting

It was good to see everyone in the formal setting of our group. Not that it’s formal by any means. There were a few missing faces and one that was able to come back for today.

Our guest speaker was Carol Williams, author of Emma Field Book 1 and Book 2. She gave an interesting talk on the role of women over the years – especially those who dared to break the “mould” and attempt to change things as far back as the 1840s.

Writers’ Group meeting tomorrow

Ah, it’s been a long time. I’ve missed the last two months because I was attending writing workshops – one in Kingston with a fellow writers’ group member and one in Sudbury, which I turned into a long weekend and visit with family.

It’s going to be good to see everyone and get back into the groove.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I kept in touch with the group via our monthly writing prompts. I’ve not got a clue what to write for the one for tomorrow War and Peace. So I think I’m going to run with scissors and not do one at all. After all, they’ll have me in person! And besides that, we’ve got a guest speaker coming in to speak to us.

I’ll write again after the meeting with a recap of the mornings’ events.

Shaken not stirred

Was at work yesterday afternoon when the earthquake hit.  The building shook under our feet (my office is on the 2nd floor) for about 30 seconds. Kind of an eerie feeling. Different than when the building vibrates in the winter during snow removal. Different than when a tractor-trailer is left running outside the building.

So it was a bit like a James Bond martini – shaken not stirred.

Homework completed

The homework assignment I mentioned in my previous post is completed and e-mailed off to the teacher to prove it’s done. I’m binding the graduation booklets for the sixteen Grade 8 grads over the weekend so will insert my letter into the grandson’s at that time.


I have a homework assignment that need to be done by tomorrow. I’ve got it started but it’s not the easiest thing to write… and me a writer.

It’s part of my grandson’s graduation assignment. He has to do all but one segment. That’s where we come in. We have to write about why this person is special to us. I do have it started so that’s something. What can I say, I work best under pressure.

“How many novels have I written? Are any published?” podcast

I just uploaded my most recent podcast. I think you’ll find it interesting. Please have a listen and come back here and leave your comments. I’m anxious to receive your feedback.

I’m not so sure about this one. For some reason, I ended up getting nervous and tongue-tied. Even to the point of giving my poor digital recorder the raspberry! So I might take it down, re-record it and post it again. I’ve not decided yet.

The link is

Looking forward to reading your comments.

A few revisions…

Didn’t get a lot accomplished today on my revisions although it was more than I have been doing of late. I did add some flavour to the countryside… sweet smell of the air after the rain… sprinted through the wet grass… high-pitched whine of a motorbike faded off into the distance… low rumble of a diesel lorry… wood fired steam engine… the smell of freshly cut hay and farm animals.

I rearranged some of the character descriptions. Hope I didn’t create any info dumps doing that. At least I still have my previous version so I can go back to it  if need be and only add the countryside “flavour” to it.