Authors Helping Authors

This is a new feature that I’ll be implementing over time here at Celtic Connexions. I’ll be talking with authors about what it means to them to receive assistance from other authors and what they’ve done to pay it forward.

I think it’s going to be an exciting project and look forward to it.

13 thoughts on “Authors Helping Authors”

  1. Hey Melanie – what a wonderful idea! I would love to be a part, so keep me posted as things develop. Here’s wishing you a stellar weekend ahead! ~Janet~

  2. Thanks for expressing an interest in this project, Janet. It will be a while before it all comes together but I’ll definitely keep you posted!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend, too!

  3. You’re just full of good ideas. I might steal some of them. Where would we be without other authors that know what we’re going thru. Thanks, Melanie.

  4. Excellent idea, Melanie! Where would we be without other authors; especially, where would I be? Thanks for a super project. I’m looking forward to learning even more from talented authors like you!

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