Starting 2024 out on the right foot

I’m uber thrilled to say that not just one, but both of my books that I entered in the Author Shout 2024 Reader Ready Awards received a silver “Recommended” Read badge! How’s that for starting 2024 out on the right foot? Isn’t it pretty?

Starting 2024


It Happened at Percé Rock – Book 3 of my It Happened series…

Beaches meets Born on the 4th of July

Starting 2024

When Melissa Scott flees to the village of Percé, she’s determined to leave her painful memories behind her.

Gareth Young, a soldier with the Canadian Forces, never got over losing his friend in the war in Afghanistan. Nowadays, he’s happier in his own company than that of others, until she enters his life.

Despite her recent breakup and knowing rebound relationships don’t work, Melissa falls head over feet for the handsome military man, only to discover he comes with enough baggage to fill an army cargo plane.

Will the couple be able to work through their issues and achieve a happy ending together?

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It Happened at Percé Rock features Melissa, the youngest member of the Scott family.

It Happened at Lake Louise – Book 4 of my It Happened series

Only the Brave meets Fallen Angel

Starting 2024


A new name. A new look. A new identity. But is it enough?

Lori Brownlee, a victim of childhood sex abuse, has relocated to Calgary to try to put the sordid past and its unpleasant memories behind her. Although it’s been years, specific triggers bring the past roaring back.

Christopher Scott has also suffered a painful past. He currently works in the Oil Sands and, when he’s at work, entrusts the care of his Great Dane to his neighbour.

While Christopher is at work, the nightmare of the distant wildfires becomes a reality. During the mandatory evacuation on May 3, 2016, the dog runs away. With no time to spare searching for the animal, the family flees for their own safety.

Lori, an animal lover, spots the Great Dane on the news. She drops everything and rushes to Fort McMurray to rescue him.

She connects with Christopher Scott through social media, and they agree to meet near the Chateau Lake Louise so she can reunite him with his pet.

Can Christopher move beyond his pain and form a meaningful relationship with Lori? Will Lori’s past come back to haunt her?

The buy link for this book is at this link: books2read

It Happened at Lake Louise features Christopher, the eldest Scott sibling.

I’m definitely starting 2024 out on the right foot, and it hasn’t even arrived yet! I’m hoping that it’s a good omen.




Her Mother’s Daughter by Brian O’Rourke

I’m pleased to be part of the book tour for Her Mother’s Daughter by Brian O’Rourke.
mother's daughter




mother's daughter

Amanda writes dark fiction. Now one fan is bringing her work to life.

Amanda is enjoying her life – she’s a successful author who has finally managed to give up her day job.

But then an ex-colleague is murdered in an exact reenactment of a killing from one of Amanda’s books. Even worse, Amanda had publicly quarreled with the dead woman and now finds herself a person of interest to the police.

Then it happens a second time. Another person with whom Amanda had publicly fought is murdered. And again, the method used to kill is lifted straight from the pages of one of her books.

It’s clear that someone is out to get Amanda. But who? And why?

With the police seeing her as the prime suspect, Amanda is desperate to discover the person behind these grisly killings.

As she digs for the truth, Amanda is forced to look into her own family’s troubled past, where she uncovers a web of secrets and lies far more shocking than anything she has ever written…

Her Mother’s Daughter – the chilling psychological thriller from the best-selling author of The New Husband and The Only Son.

My Review

This book hooked me on page one and didn’t let go. Amanda, a crime novelist, has a painful past. Her mother has been running for years to avoid being captured and tried for murder. Now, people known to Amanda are being murdered and posed to match scenes in her crime novels. The murderer could be almost anyone. Her neighbour/best friend? Her fugitive mother? Her ex-boyfriend? The list of suspects is long, and the author kept me guessing right until he was ready to reveal who was behind these bizarre murders.

This is the first book I’ve read by Brian O’Rourke, and it certainly won’t be my last.

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About the Author

mother's daughter
Brian R. O’Rourke has been writing stories since he was eight years old. A lifelong, avid reader, Brian believes that fiction has the power to change the world. He enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, playing the violin, and golfing.

This is his third psychological thriller with Inkubator Books.

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Vengeance is in her Heart by Cassius Cox #review

Today, I’m happy to be hosting Vengeance is in Her Heart by Cassius Cox.



As a girl Catherine Hart loses the person she loved most, her father. In his absence she is subjected to abuse of the worst kind.

In her late teens she finds the strength to fight back, to be the girl her father trained her to be.

As a woman she escapes her dark thoughts by caring for others, until once again life reminds her how disgustingly unfair it can be when her best friend is subjected to a devastating brutal attack.

Catherine’s choice is justice or revenge.

With vengeance in her heart, she reigns down terror and violence upon those she deems guilty.

But in doing so, has she denied herself any chance of being loved again?

Being loved is all she wanted, it’s what we all want…isn’t it?


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My Review

Catherine, aka Cat, vows revenge on the men who attacked her friend, Hayley. It’s either justice or revenge, and she doesn’t put much faith in the justice system.>
Her father died when she was young, and after that, she was subjected to abuse. Still, in her late teens, she picks herself up and vows to be what her father trained her to be.

Cat is complicated. She has baggage and lots of it. She’s seeing a therapist to work through her problems and depression. Still, she works in a care home and enjoys her job working with the elderly.

Even the secondary characters, Bill and Betty, are great! They play off each other well.

The book was well-written and fast-paced. I likely would have finished it in one sitting, but ‘life’ happens and interrupted my reading.

About the Author


Born in Dorking, Surrey England.

I love stories, whether it be in film, book, or music. If it moves me emotionally, then I am sold. As a child I used books or films to escape reality, in fact I probably still do. My happy place is the cinema.

My favourite genre is psychological thriller, I prefer a story that is emotionally driven, the darker the better. But I am happy to be recommended a good book in any genre. My favourite work of fiction is One Day by David Nicholls and my favourite non-fiction is Stephen King’s On Writing.

I’ve suffered with depression since I was in my early teens, I’d rather not have it as it’s a daily battle to keep going, but when it comes to my writing I would say it’s a strength.

I am a huge sports fan. I love boxing, MMA and football. These days I am coaching kids football rather than playing. I love watching live sport, you might see me at the Meadowbank stadium watching my local team Dorking Wanderers, or at The London Stadium watching West Ham or even at Wembley watching England.

Favourite holiday destinations are Woolacombe in Devon, Centre Parcs, Florida, Vegas and Thailand.

I enjoy going jogging or going to the gym, but I also like a drink and a takeaway so the two probably count each other out. I’m far from perfect. Who is?

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