It’s Teddy Bear Day! Hip Hip Hooray!

Teddy Bear Day
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Teddy Bear Day!

Hooray for Teddy Bear Day! Do you have a favourite stuffed animal, whether it be a bear,  a dog, a moose, a beaver, or a raven?

I happen to have all of the above along with a beaver,  two foxes, a couple of tigers, polar bears, a seal, and the list goes on. I even have a hippopotamus.

teddy bear day

This cute guy is actually an eyeglass holder. You put your glasses in his mouth to store them. It’s all nice and soft in there like the cloths you clean your glasses with so no scratches.

The largest of my stuffed friends stands about 6′ tall. Definitely taller than I am, but that would be hard because I’m short. Now that’s what I call a teddy bear.

Teddy Bears Around the World

In this year of coronavirus, teddy bears have been getting up to all sorts. The Coronabears in Largs, Scotland have their own
Facebook page. My big guy is about the same size as Hope and Sunshine but he’s dark brown.

Holly Saunders, also from Scotland, had her teddy bears doing all kinds of fun things, too. Their most recent appearance on Facebook was to remind everyone to wear their masks when inside stores and other confined public places.

The Scots have quite the imaginations when it comes to their teddy bears and bringing smiles to people’s faces during these uncertain times. Another woman, Elaine, has a Facebook page called It’s A Bear’s Life.

What fun!

And this family of bears is my favourite of all (after my personal collection, of course).  These guys hang out in La Fudgerie’s Boutique on 16 rue du Cul-de-Sac in the Petit Champlain District of Old Quebec City. The biggest is almost twice the size of my huge bear.
The one wearing the apron and the sign telling you not to touch the bears, would be about the same size as mine, mabye a bit smaller.

teddy bear day

So no matter how you celebrate Teddy Bear Day, just remember our stuffed friends. If you don’t have any now that you’re grown up think back to when you were small and what your favourite stuffed animal was.

Hooray for Read a Book Day! #amreading #amwriting

Hooray for Read a Book Day!

Hooray for Read a Book day! Here in North America, it’s our Labour Day weekend, so we can extend our “bookish” holiday into another full day of reading enjoyment.

Hooray for Read a Book Day!
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

What’s your preferred medium for reading? Are you a fan of ebooks or do you prefer print, either paperback or hardcover?

And then there are genres? Which do you like to read? Crime? Thrillers? Horror? Romance? Historical? Or a blend of all of the above.

I’m lucky in that being an author, I’ve met authors from other countries around the world – England, Scotland, Australia, France, the US, and back here at home in Canada.

I write in a number of genres, but my favourite is romance. You can see my books here. To find out more about any particular title, click on the cover and you’ll be taken to the book’s page where you’ll be provided with the description and buy links should you be so inclined to purchase.

possibly a title or two you might be interested in?

My brand “where fact and fiction meet” stems from the fact I take real events and spin fictional stories around them, changing place and characters’ names to protect the ‘guilty.’ 😉

Now before you think this blog post is all about me, I’m going to introduce you to two authors you might not have heard of before.

I’ll start with Chris Longmuir. Chris and I first met virtually in early 2001 when she contacted me asking permission to use a photograph. We met in person later that same year and see each other as often as possible.

Another is Wendy H. Jones. I’ve not known Wendy as long, but she Chris and I make up the Princesses of Pandemonium. While their books are crime – gritty, humourous or historical – we have a great time when we get together.

Here we are outside the Old Town Jail in Stirling, Scotland.

And inside one of the cells.

I hope you enjoy Read a Book day, and maybe even discover some new-to-you authors.

National Book Lovers Day

Think this girl will get through that stack of books today?