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  1. Great to catch up on what you have been doing. Keep up the good work.

  2. My name is Ed Coburn and I just released my book (first of a series of 26) The Dog Who Ate The Airplane. It’s what I call a “Gentle” mystery. If you’re interested I wiil be happy to email it to you in whatever format you prefer (probably Mobi since you a kindle – but I’ll send anything ou prefer). You can check out my blog which details the first four books (only the first is released) at http://tiny.cc/7vcnlw. My email address is Authorof22@yahoo.com. the Amazon link to the book ishttp://www.amazon.com/Airplane-Adam-Bagel-Mystery-ebook/dp/B009KSXOE2/
    I received my first review and 5/5 stars to boot.

    Adam Martin Swope was driven out of his beloved Chicago by his self-created but ill-advised celebrity status as a “finder.” To avoid the emotional turmoil taking a toll on his psyche, he fled to Cancun, Mexico. Forced back to the United States by the resurgence of his mother’s cancer, he decided to take a job as columnist for the Tweet; the newspaper purchased by his long-time friend Larry Archibald in the small West Virginia town of Canary Corners. He moved into the Canary House, an apartment house reputed to have resident ghosts. His next door neighbor Livinia Blossom told him the story of Canary House and introduced him to her grandniece, Marti, who quickly became his semi-constant companion. What Adam didn’t realize was how soon his investigative and finder skills would be called into play to solve a murder. He was also unaware of how much assistance his dog Bagel, and the clues he provided, would be during the investigation.

    Authors note: This book series will never have any curse works (not one), any overt sex (the most is the occasional smile, wink and maybe slight innuendo), or overt bloodshed (someone is always murdered, but, as the reader, you only find out after the fact. You will not be a witness to the murder).

    I will soon be rereleasing (freshly pro edited) my book The Last Killer Standing (http://lastkillerstanding.blogspot.com/), a book about serial killers (that goes Patterson one better). If you would be interested in reviewing that one I would be ever so grateful as well.

  3. I’m interested in what you’re doing for St. Patrick’s Day, but when I try the link that I’m supposed to go to for more information about it, I’m told that it no longer exists. If you could help me with this, my mother (Shirley O’Connor) and I would be very appreciative.

  4. Hi Dawn, I hope I answered your questions yesterday (via email) clearly. Hope you’ll drop by Celtic Connexions this month and check out the things taking place this month.

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