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shadows reviewsIn the first book of the series, ‘A Shadow in the Past’, Sarah Shand is a young woman from 2010, who suddenly finds herself yanked from her modern life, and deposited at the door of Laird Robert Robertson of Weetshill, a nearby manor home, resplendent and beautiful, that in her time, is abandoned and in extreme disrepair.

After some understandable confusion, denial, and finally acceptance, Sarah adjusts to her new life in the 1880s. Letitia, a local woman Laird Robert was to marry makes trouble for them, but in time, Sarah and Laird Robert tie the knot.

Then, in ‘Shadows From Her Past’, Sarah awakens in the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary from a months-long coma. Her sister, Rachel, and her mother are alarmed at Sarah’s story of living at Weetshill, even though she’s wearing Robert’s rings. They try to convince her she was dreaming or hallucinating.

Sarah becomes friends with David Robb, a medical student working at the hospital, finding he is similar to Laird Robert, but not a replacement for her husband.

Unable to leave the hospital until her physical therapy is complete, Sarah sends Rachel to research Weetshill at the time she was there. What Rachel finds shocks her. Maybe there’s some truth to Sarah’s story.

Released from the hospital, Sarah searches for a way to return to Robert.

Does Sarah find her way back to her husband? What about David Robb? Do the lines blur between the past and the present?

With this second book, Ms. Robertson-King completes the story started in the first book. This is a wonderful story of love and life, both modern and in the past. I’d recommend both books – I give it 5-stars. Dayna Leigh Cheser, Author


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