“It Happened” series – Sweet Romance

The “It Happened” series. Sweet romances set in picturesque locations across Canada.

The series will consist of six short novels (approximately 45-55K words) featuring the siblings in the Scott and Layne families.

The map below shows where five of the books have their “It Happened” moment.

"It Happened"

A. It Happened on Dufferin Terrace – Roger Scott and Serenity Layne

B. It Happened in Gastown – Erik Layne and Hilary Dunbar

C. It Happened at Percé Rock – Melissa Scott and Gareth Young

and forthcoming …

D. It Happened at Lake Louise (currently in the planning stages) – Christopher Scott and Lori Brownlee

E. It Happened at Niagara Falls – Michael Scott and Jennifer Fox

The last book in the series will be Amy Scott’s turn. As yet, I don’t know where I’m going to set it.



My Scottish roots and writing by Melanie Robertson-King