#snippetsunday ~ The Haunting of Kembleford Manor

I’ve never taken part in #snippetsunday before, but I thought I would share the first draft of the opening scene in my dual timeline novel, The Haunting of Kembleford Manor.

Here goes. I’d really appreciate some feedback.

Albert Kembleford strode across the office, turned the key in the lock and left it hanging in the door. When he returned to his desk, the letter from the bank that arrived in the mail earlier in the day taunted him. The body of it was bad enough, but did the institution have to humiliate him even more with the word FORECLOSURE stamped in red on the whitespace near the top of the letterhead.

He knew it would come to this. Six months ago, he re-mortgaged the house to pump money into his lumberyard after a deal he’d counted on to bring him back from the brink fell through. Albert never told his wife they were in financial trouble. It wasn’t done. Being the breadwinner and provider for his family fell on his shoulders. He couldn’t bear his family knowing he was a failure.

The time had come. Albert reached into the middle left drawer of his desk, pulled out his Smith and Wesson revolver, and ensured the chamber was fully loaded. He had one chance to do it and wanted nothing left to error.

His crystal decanter of single malt stood on a tray with matching glasses. He’d have one before his time on this earth was up. Dutch courage. One for the road. He poured three fingers into the tumbler — two wouldn’t be enough. A ray of sun coming in the window glinted off the cuts in the glass making it sparkle and illuminating the amber liquid so that it glowed.

He would miss this house and the town of Pike Falls where he chose to settle and make his fortune. Too bad it didn’t turn out that way. He gulped down the whisky and returned the glass to its proper place. Only then did he sit behind his desk. This same place where he completed paperwork for his lumber empire — ha! — many times. 

As much as he wanted to burn the letter, he couldn’t. He needed to leave it for his wife Patience to find so she wouldn’t feel guilty thinking it was something she did to make him do what he was about to. Across the bottom of the letter he scrawled, I’m sorry, dearest Patience. Please forgive me. Love always, Albert.

Then, he cocked the gun, placed the end of the barrel against his temple and pulled the trigger.

So there you have it, my #snippetsunday offering. What did you think?

In due course, I’ll be sharing the cover image for the book, but in the meantime, watch for more #snippetsunday offerings.


Readers’ Favorite 5-star review for It Happened in Gastown!

I’m very excited this morning to share this wonderful Readers’ Favorite 5-star review for It Happened in Gastown with the world! At least the world who visits my blog. What am I saying? I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops everywhere.

Readers' Favorite

Here’s the review.

In It Happened in Gastown by Melanie Robertson King, the author has taken romance, drama, intrigue, and unpredictability and written a story that catches the reader’s attention from the unusual start to the unexpected ending, one which is most intriguing and leaves the reader pondering and wondering in the best possible way. It Happened in Gastown introduces the main characters of Constables Hilary Dunbar and Luka Stephanopoulos, Xena, her German Shepherd, Taylor Simpson, Doctor Singh, Sun Huang, Robert MacDonald, Eric, and Zack Daniels. These characters make up a story that starts as a drama to be investigated and then leads the reader into a romance that may or not may survive. They then meet inhumane people who sit in judgment without knowing the full circumstances of what Hilary and Eric are going through.

Melanie Robertson King is an author I have not heard of before but I will be looking out for more of her books. King has written a story that would encourage any young adult venturing into the world of reading romances combined with intrigue and adventure. This would allow the young reader to advance to other books as well. This story can be enjoyed by all young adults, no matter their gender. It Happened in Gastown is hard to put down until the very last page is read. I really enjoyed reading this book and will be reading more of King’s writing. Thank you to the author for a delightful and enjoyable story.

See why I’m so happy?

You can purchase It Happened in Gastown here and see what made it so special that this reviewer at Readers’ Favorite gave it 5-stars.


Happy Publication Day! It Happened at Lake Louise is now available! #kindle #kobo #books2read

It’s been a long time coming, longer than I originally planned, but publication day is finally here!

publication day

I love this cover, but then I am biased. What can I say?

Here’s what the book is about…

Only the Brave meets Fallen Angel…

 A new name. A new look. A new identity. But is it enough?

Lori Brownlee, a victim of childhood sex abuse, has relocated to Calgary to try to put the sordid past and its unpleasant memories behind her. Although it’s been years, specific triggers bring the past roaring back.

Christopher Scott has also suffered a painful past. He currently works in the Oil Sands and, when he’s at work, entrusts the care of his Great Dane to his neighbour.

While Christopher is at work, the nightmare of the distant wildfires becomes a reality. During the mandatory evacuation on May 3, 2016, the dog runs away. With no time to spare searching for the animal, the family flees for their own safety.

Lori, an animal lover, spots the Great Dane on the news. She drops everything and rushes to Fort McMurray to rescue him.

She connects with Christopher Scott through social media, and they agree to meet near the Chateau Lake Louise so she can reunite him with his pet.

Can Christopher move beyond his pain and form a meaningful relationship with Lori? Will Lori’s past come back to haunt her?

Buy Link

You can buy the ebook edition of It Happened at Lake Louise for $2.99/£2.99 through books2read, which will allow you to choose your favourite ebook retailer. Unfortunately, it’s not live at Barnes & Noble yet for the nook, but once it shows live, I’ll add it to the books2read link.

Paperback copies will soon be available online.

I hope you’ll celebrate publication day with me, and I hope you find Christopher’s and Lori’s story heartwarming. The events in this book are darker than in the three previous It Happened stories.