“How many novels have I written? Are any published?” podcast

I just uploaded my most recent podcast. I think you’ll find it interesting. Please have a listen and come back here and leave your comments. I’m anxious to receive your feedback.

I’m not so sure about this one. For some reason, I ended up getting nervous and tongue-tied. Even to the point of giving my poor digital recorder the raspberry! So I might take it down, re-record it and post it again. I’ve not decided yet.

The link is http://www.melanierobertson-king.com/podcastgen1.3/

Looking forward to reading your comments.

One thought on ““How many novels have I written? Are any published?” podcast”

  1. I was just listeneing ur podcasts and they are amazing as usual.Your journey to Scotland and meeting with ur cousions is really touching. The explanation about the plane crash and aftermath is really heart touching.
    I wish u good luck and hope that all of yours get published…… Amen !!

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