Favourite Stuart #2

I had my bi-weekly appointment to get my nails done yesterday morning so took a book along with me. Usually, whenever I take anything to read, I’m in right away and don’t get the chance.

Yesterday was different. I got to read for the better part of half an hour. Yeah!!! I took Stuart MacBride’s second novel Dying Light with me. I wasn’t entirely sure if each book was a “stand alone” or how much, if any, reference there would be to his previous novel and would I be lost. There were a few references to the case in the first book but that was about it. Not enough to confuse things. So Stuart will likely be coming to work with me every day this week so I can finish reading it.

Who knows, there might even be some inspiration or something that will trigger my ideas for my writing that are stuck up in the gray matter and get them flowing, rather than just percolating.