Writing to deadline?

An appointment to pitch to an agent. How exciting! Especially when it could mean securing someone to represent my work. But… my manuscript isn’t completely finished and proper etiquette dictates you don’t pitch an incomplete project. I’ve got until September 11th to complete the current revision since I’ll be pitching it the next day. Twenty six days remain as I write this on August 17th between me and that ever so important date. In addition to completing the manuscript, I also have to perfect my pitch. Yikes! Nothing like putting the pressure on myself. My original goal was to be finished by August 31st. That still could happen. I’ve not ruled it out totally.

Because I’m not a linear writer, it’s very difficult for me to gauge exactly how much I have left to write. I’ve come up with some ideas to get me through the remainder of the segment that takes place in the past. Even though I have an outline, thanks to storybook, I’ve veered off course from it, too. Not a lot but some.

Compounding matters, my motivation has gone walkabout and has yet to return. This is the fifth revision of Sarah’s Gift so to say I’m getting bored is an understatement. I want to move on to other projects.

Can I do this? Can I be ready to give a word count and genre to the agent in addition to my “TV guide” version of the plot? I’m definitely going to give it a shot.