One more sleep…

Well, only one more sleep and I’ll be heading off to the Scene of the Crime Mystery Writers’ Festival on Wolfe Island. YEAH!!!

Still have no idea what I’m going to wear other than I plan on taking a warm sweater with me. I’ve done the walk-on onto the ferry and sitting up on the top deck watching the scenery go buy can be chilly. Not to mention getting wind blown… hmm… want to look somewhat professional so if the walk-on thing is done tomorrow morning, perhaps I best not be out in the elements? Or tie my hair back in an elastic so it doesn’t get quite so windblown? Maybe one of the indoor seats would be more appropriate, or take a hair brush with me… or both.

Will decide that tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “One more sleep…”

  1. We’re writer-people, we are expected to look wind-blown and carefree, distracted even, as if we are thinking of something else (which we are) or someplace else (that too).

    Worry not.. all will be well.

  2. I am happy for u that finally u got this chance ! Make full use of it !! Doesn’t matter what u wear, u r there at that moment and enjoying that is all what matters !! I am just waiting to hear about that event from u !!

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