Nothing yet…

I wrote the other day about writing to deadline and the few precious days I have to finish the current revision of my manuscript – Sarah’s Gift. Well, I’ve not written a single word… zilch, nadda, el-zippo, zero… you get the picture.

Hoping to be able to spend the weekend (when I’m not running errands) getting some serious writing done. But time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Nothing yet…”

  1. Well, I am a poor one to tell you to get moving, as I watch the dust grow on my own manuscript. You don’t have block (in my opinion) because you have written a couple other things this week. You don’t have a lack of motivation because an appointment to pitch is serious stuff and that ALONE is motivating. I think you are tired… tired of the revisions, tired of the re-writes, tired of new plot bunnies popping in to be dealt with and tired of Sarah (the young version).

    I think a lot of writers get good and sick of their characters/plot line/story before they get them mashed into publication shape. My advice would be to call your friend Chris and talk to her. There has to be a way to get through this, else there would be many fewer books. (Is that proper English?)

  2. Hoping to see your Novel in publication shape in itself is a motivation for u and I know u would make use of it. Think that your Novel is published and everybody is praising your work, but ofcourse u need some break out of the daily routine. I know u won’t get demoralised ever ! I would still say “U can make it and go for it “.

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