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Doing my part for Movember…

At the beginning of the month it was decided to raise money for Movember, we would shave one guy’s facial hair and head but as a a bit of fair play, the girls all had to wear moustaches for the day on “M”ovember 30th. So here I am sporting my ‘stache’.


Now, when breast cancer month rolls around, we think we should make the guys all wear bras for a day. What do you think? Turnabout is fair play? All’s fair in fund raising for a cure for cancer?

Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life – Results and Pictures

The last total I have from the Brockville Relay for Life website, shows our team “Annie’s Angels” in second place with $6651.57. The amounts are still subject to change as the donations are still open for a few days, and we heard last night that we had another cheque that wasn’t included in that total. Yay!

Setting up our camp site for the night
Survivors’ Walk
Our team, Annie’s Angels
The Luminaries just after lighting. There were at least 1200 sold in memory of loved ones lost to cancer.

Unfortunately, this picture doesn’t do the luminaries justice because of the flash on my camera. So when I got a bit further around on the track, I changed my camera settings to aperture priority and got this one instead. Much better effect as far as the glowing candlelight goes but when you don’t have a tripod with you, it’s really hard not to move, especially when you’re squatting.

The luminaries without flash – as I said a wee bit shaky

Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life

Tonight I’ll be walking in the Brockville Relay for Life on Team #29, Annie’s Angels. A bunch of us from work, and Anne’s sisters will be taking part tonight in honour of our beloved Anne, who lost her battle with cancer in January.

At last count, our team was in first place in fundraising, and two of our members are firmly in the top ten for individual fundraisers. You can check us out at Brockville Relay for Life.

I’m taking my camera so will post pictures tomorrow.