Doing my part for Movember…

At the beginning of the month it was decided to raise money for Movember, we would shave one guy’s facial hair and head but as a a bit of fair play, the girls all had to wear moustaches for the day on “M”ovember 30th. So here I am sporting my ‘stache’.


Now, when breast cancer month rolls around, we think we should make the guys all wear bras for a day. What do you think? Turnabout is fair play? All’s fair in fund raising for a cure for cancer?

6 thoughts on “Doing my part for Movember…”

  1. I think you should keep the “stache” and start writing under your alias…. Melvin King! 🙂

  2. You do look kind of cute, Melanie. But please tell me that ‘stache’ isn’t actually made from the real facial and head hair of a shaved man!!??

    Janice xx

  3. When we shaved “RD” before he would let us do it, we had to raise at least $200. We raised $230. So whilst the shaving was happening (at work, I might add), the President said he would pay that much if “GP” consented. So in the end we raised almost $460 to find a cure for prostate cancer.

    Today when the gals wore ‘staches’ we voted on the best one for the gals & the guys. “JC” with her Joe Dirt ‘stache’ took the prize for the gals, and there was a tie on the guy’s side. “PP” and “TB” tied with their Fu Man Chu look.

    Now to get the DVD I shot with my recorder back at the first of the month of the “big shave” converted so it can be watched on a computer.

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