Doing my part for Movember…

At the beginning of the month it was decided to raise money for Movember, we would shave one guy’s facial hair and head but as a a bit of fair play, the girls all had to wear moustaches for the day on “M”ovember 30th. So here I am sporting my ‘stache’.


Now, when breast cancer month rolls around, we think we should make the guys all wear bras for a day. What do you think? Turnabout is fair play? All’s fair in fund raising for a cure for cancer?

6 thoughts on “Doing my part for Movember…”

  1. You do look kind of cute, Melanie. But please tell me that ‘stache’ isn’t actually made from the real facial and head hair of a shaved man!!??

    Janice xx

  2. When we shaved “RD” before he would let us do it, we had to raise at least $200. We raised $230. So whilst the shaving was happening (at work, I might add), the President said he would pay that much if “GP” consented. So in the end we raised almost $460 to find a cure for prostate cancer.

    Today when the gals wore ‘staches’ we voted on the best one for the gals & the guys. “JC” with her Joe Dirt ‘stache’ took the prize for the gals, and there was a tie on the guy’s side. “PP” and “TB” tied with their Fu Man Chu look.

    Now to get the DVD I shot with my recorder back at the first of the month of the “big shave” converted so it can be watched on a computer.

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