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Discovery at Rosehill by Kathryn Brown

A paranormal romance set in the Scottish Borders.

Medium Camilla Armstrong is led to Rosehill Farm by her deceased grandmother. There she discovers her true identity, falls in love with the village priest and learns more about her home she ever deemed possible. Spirit communication and ghostly apparitions connect Camilla to her past, but when an old boy friend returns to the area, her relationship with the priest becomes strained. Camilla helps the Reverend Marcus Calloway to come to terms with events which happened in his own past and enables him to move on with his new life as he reveals his dark secrets. Mystery, suspense and a murder bring a controversial twist to life as the main characters realise what it is they truly want in their lives.

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It is difficult to believe this is written by a first time author. The story held me gripped to the point where dinner was ruined one evening as I had to finish the chapter. Problem was, the chapter ended up being several. The characters are very believable and the mystery running throughout the book held me right to the end when all was revealed. I am one for usually working things out, but not this time.
I won’t say things that give the game away as I hate it when others spoil the story for me, but the triangle of Camilla, Marcus and Ross had me fooled. The will she won’t she, will they, won’t they was another one I couldn’t guess the outcome to. I know what I wanted it to be, but it certainly isn’t as clear cut as you think.
I can thoroughly recommend this for anyone interested in the spirit world, ghosts, romance and mystery. The wonderful thing for a book in this genre? Not a vampire in sight – Deo Gratius!
If this is the offering Kathryn Brown can manage to come up with for a first novel, however good will the next one be – one thing’s for sure, I’ll be first in the queue to buy it. Lorraine Holloway-White (author and medium)

Author Kathryn Brown takes us on a journey to the Scottish borders in her debut novel “Discovery at Rosehill” Rosehill Farm is a once beautiful mansion set on 5,000 acres of land.

The central character medium Camilla Armstrong is led to the mansion and its surrounding farmland by the spirit of her grandmother.
Camilla feels an immediate empathy with “Rosehill” a sense of having finally come home. She sets about restoring the old mansion to its former gracious glory.  The characterization of Camilla is deftly handled by the Author, you can’t help but like the warm and charming woman.
Her sensitivity to the spirits inhabiting the empty rooms of Rosehill soon captures your imagination, as the author gently leads you into the realm of the paranormal.
No clanking chains and ghoulish monsters in this well written novel, in fact I needed to remind myself that I was reading a fictional account, such is the comfort the author obviously has with this subject.  Camilla does readings on request and her first client has many hidden secrets that will only gradually reveal themselves via the encounters with tormented spirit’s seeking justice, release and revenge.
How is Camilla’s own past connected to this place? What tormented secrets will be revealed.
The tragedy of the spirits past plays out beautifully in chapters of encounters that ring true, you the reader are there with Camilla as she seeks the truth, and overcomes the fear of one particularly nasty spirit wanting to use her gifts to seek revenge.
Romance enters the story in the form of the very charming local vicar. His belief system and that of Camilla clearly are at odds, yet they are drawn inexorably to one another.
This author has a subtle gift for understatement that allows the reader to utilize their own imaginations, teasing us with scenes of romance and lust in equal proportion.  The sudden and unexpected illness of Camilla’s dearest friend brings Ross a former lover back into Camilla’s life. The tension between them is palpable and the friendship looks set to destroy Camilla’s new love relationship with Marcus {The vicar}, I will not spoil the outcome for you. Suffice it to say that the mystery deepens with every spirit encountered.  What are they trying to say? How will it affect Camilla’s life? You need to read the book to find out.  I rate books on readability, characterizations, plot line, narrative, dialogue and editing. This one comes up 5/5 on all counts. Susannah Burke, aka Stacy Danson (author of Empty Chairs)

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