Gordon Lightfoot concert – GREAT!

Just home from the concert. WOW! Great time. Even at the young age of 72, he can still hit the high notes. I didn’t take a camera with me because at some concerts, you can’t take them in and I didn’t want to run the risk of having it confiscated.

Didn’t even take my purse so my wee Kodak that I carry everywhere with me stayed home. However, all was not lost. I had my Blackberry with me and managed to get some reasonably decent pics, with it.

The only downside to the concert was the people who sat directly behind us never stopped talking all night! I was tempted a few times to tell them to shut the f$%k up but I would have been the one kicked out. Not part of my master plan so I tuned them out (as best I could). It was quite the relief when they left partway through the second set.










One thought on “Gordon Lightfoot concert – GREAT!”

  1. Happy that u had a good time there !!!!! I know some people are like this only specially when u go to see ur favourite concert or movie. They are always there to spoil it for u. Been there one time when I went to watch Karate Kid with my family. Lady sitting behind me was a baby sitter with lots of kids, kept hitting our chair during the movie.

    Anyways…. I am happy for u and hope u get to attend more concerts of like..

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