Inspiration – it came… and it went

After going along smoothly, the words flowing out of my fingers, I’ve found myself grinding to a halt again. I had to stop and check a few details and formulate how I would work them in to my writing. Simple things, really… what train would my hero take from the nearby train station into Aberdeen? And once I got him to the city, what time would he leave? Minor details perhaps, but details that need to be accounted for.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration – it came… and it went”

  1. Uh, yeah.. that can throw a monkey wrench into the flow.. details, that is. The urge to keep them as close to factual as the readers don’t say, “Well, that can’t possibly be true.. no fair…”

  2. I know u will find some way of sending your hero to Aberdeen. I would love to read the whole novel.

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