Things are starting to look festive at the House of King…

Dare I say, “It’s beginning to look like Christmas…?” Well here at the House of King it is. It took two  days but the tree is up and in its full glory.

This was as far as I got yesterday. The tree assembled, the branches fluffed and the angel on top. I felt like a walking pincushion by the time I got this far. My arms were scratched and pricked by the “needles”. Whoever said artificial trees were soft and don’t shed were telling a huge untruth.

IMG-20121212-00074However, after reading Living Doll by Famous Five Plus author Serena Fairfax, I’m not so sure I want her on top of my tree. If you read the story, I think you might agree.

Today after getting some more shopping done, including warm white, mini LED lights, the tree took on its full beauty. Things are taking shape – burgundy ribbon and lights (200 of them).

IMG-20121213-00076Add some ornaments… including loads of nutcrackers. What can I say, I love them. I’d do the entire tree in nothing but nutcracker ornaments IMG-20121213-00077And still some more…

IMG-20121213-00078And finally one special one… IMG-20121213-00082Hmm… it looks like my book cover there in the middle of the picture. Made that this afternoon and it has pride of place on the front of my tree.

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