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My Authors at

Here is the information on the two authors I’m supporting at

First, Audrey Hawkins who writes as Joanna Lambert on the page She also has her own website at

Second, Harry Leslie Smith’s page Harry also has a website set up for his book 1923 A Memoir at

I’m looking forward to my involvement in this exciting project and hope I can do my authors justice.

Wish me well!

Check out to see what all the buzz is about!

Exciting New Website

I’m involved with an exciting new website that brings readers and authors together. It’s called

The plan is to have thirty authors and a number of “Feature Readers” and “Associate Readers” who will read and review books by the authors on the site. As an Associate Reader, you choose as many authors you wish to support and promote them via the various social networks and your own blog/website etc.

In addition to Janice Horton, who first put me on to this fantastic idea, I’m supporting two other authors who have yet to have reader support.

My first author is Harry Leslie Smith, author of 1923 A Memoir. His book is available on I’m looking forward to reading it.

The other author I’m supporting is Joanna Lambert. Her trilogy Behind Blue Eyes includes When Tomorrow Comes, Loves Lies & Promises and The Ghost of You and Me.

The official launch day of is June 29th. Keep watching the official site, my blog, Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

You won’t be disappointed.


Book Review – Bagpipes & Bullshot by Janice Horton

***** out of 5 stars

Orley McKenna is an American cowgirl. Innes Buchanan is the Laird of a run down Scottish estate who is in the state of Texas looking to save his home from ruin by seeking out a cattle expert to help him breed a hardy new herd back home.

By the time he returns to Scotland he’s found his new cattle expert – Orley – but to complicate matters, he’s fallen in love with her.

Back home, Davina MacKenzie waits for Innes to return. They have been arranged in marriage and she is determined to see it through even though his plans no longer include her. Lady MacBeth has nothing on Davina when it comes to what lengths she’ll go to in order to marry a man with a title.

Fergus, Innes’s younger brother is madly in love with Davina and would do anything for her, until he discovers her secret. But she isn’t the only one with something to hide.

Janice Horton keeps you riveted from the beginning. She portrays the beauty of the Gulf Coast of Texas and the ruggedness of Scotland with her descriptive narrative in addition to keeping you wondering what’s going to happen next.

 Bagpipes & Bullshot is a definite “feel-good” book and it is impossible not to laugh out loud at some of the situations she throws her characters into.

Highly recommended!

If you live in the US or Canada, you can download your own copy of Bagpipes & Bullshot for $1.95 US here: 

or if you live in the UK you can download from for £1.38 through this link:

The next thing from Janice Horton on my “to-do” list is to try Bullshot. I’m just not sure if I want the over ice, or the warmed variety will hot beef broth added.


Night Watcher Review – now posted on Quick Brown Fox

My review of Chris Longmuir’s book is now up on Brian Henry’s Quick Brown Fox blog. Check it out at>

Since the review was submitted to Brian for inclusion, Chris’s book is also available at Smashwords for download for a variety of other platforms in addition to the Kindle for $3.99 US.
You can check it out at