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I Made it Out by Avishai El #IMADEITOUT




“I Made It Out” details the raw, uncut, and honest life events of Avishai El. She is 32 years old and decided to write this book to help other people who are going through situations that they feel as though they can’t get out of. She affirms that you can get out of any situation and provides historical context in which she used her mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual capacities to face challenges head on. In order to maintain peace, one has to go through things in life to get there. She has gone through ups and downs. All readers from all walks of life will be able to relate to her shared experiences. On days where you feel low in life and on days where you feel high on life, opening this book and reading it will provide you with the tools you need to succeed no matter what. Some of the imagery is explicit to paint a visual picture for the reader.

If she could get through it you can. You can make it out.





Avishai El is an international best-selling author of the Power of Why Book Series.  She is an international, professional speaker, and host of the most blunt holistic health podcast, Avi Unfiltered.  She is a Spiritual Medium and Holistic Health Coach who empowers people to fulfil their purpose and destiny on this planet.  Teaching others the holistic lifestyle utilising nutrition, lifestyle, and spiritual methods is her passion.  Avishai has worked with women all over the world and has helped them lose weight, change their mental health for the better, develop businesses, and reverse several diseases.  She has won an award for educating hundreds of people on the benefits of essential oils.  Hospitals have entrusted her to be on hospital papers as a holistic nurse for cancer patients.  People come to her when they are in a health crisis and Avishai has saved lives using holistic therapies.  As an avid vegan she heavily promotes the plant-based, vegan lifestyle.  The planet and Human Rights mean everything to her as she affirms everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  She comes from ancient ancestry and is currently in the process of learning her native languages: Latin, Moorish Latin (Modern Day Spanish), Chaldean (Modern Day Hebrew), Arabic, and Amharic.  Astrology and medical research on an array of topics geek her out, and is something she thoroughly enjoys studying.  Black, white, and grey are her go-to colours and the minimalistic lifestyle brings her so much peace.  She is multitalented and when she’s not writing, speaking, coaching clients, or running her many businesses, she is doing some form of interior design, graphic design, honing in on her innate makeup skills, randomly playing violin, singing, doing comedy, and so much more.