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A facelift for the writing cave …

Since I moved into my writing cave, I’ve been using a variety of setups, not all of which were conducive to creativity. The only thing that remained constant was the IKEA desk which measured only 41 3/8″ x 19 5/8″. For just a laptop and a mousepad the space sufficed. But when a second monitor was added to the mix, and a cup warmer things began to get crowded. Plus it made it next to impossible to see my corkboard that was on the wall in front of my work surface.

On New Year’s Day, I got thinking why not go back to the setup I used when I worked from home in the kitchen office? External monitor and keyboard and use the ACER as just the brain. As in, keep the lid closed.

I was spoiled then with a 32″ curved monitor. I could have at least four windows on the screen at one time. Handy when you’re working with spreadsheets and other applications.

The kitchen office setup worked well and we had at least one extra monitor kicking around that was large enough it would allow me to have at least two applications open on it at the same time.

That monitor made its way back into my life and my writing cave. The trouble was, it took up the entire desk. There wasn’t even enough room to put a keyboard in front of it.

Part of the solution to that problem was a sheet of 3/4″ white melamine 60″ x 30″ that would sit on top of the desk. We could get such a beast at the local Home Depot, so off we went to get it the following day. While in the store, we picked up the wall mount for the monitor. It meant my corkboard had to come down and get moved to another location, but that was minor.

It wasn’t so much the huge monitor itself that took up a ton of space, but the stand it sat on. It was big and heavy and took up too much room.

writing cave

With the new writing cave setup, I have plenty of room in front of the wall-mounted monitor for my MacBook which I use for writing.

writing cave

There’s even enough room for it and the additional screen I bought for when I’m editing.

writing cave

And then Windows for all my other tasks – social media, puzzles, weather-watching, etc.

My corkboard was mounted on the wall beside the desk. It meant I had to take the pictures down and put them back up again because it went from its original landscape orientation to portrait. But, the entire thing is visible! I don’t have to stretch or crane my neck to see around computers to see it. The pictures aren’t up-to-date, but I love Quebec City so don’t mind them being there.

writing cave

And then there’s my reading nook. A comfy chair where I can relax and read, either under the light of the floor lamp behind it

writing cave

or the under-cabinet lighting. I’ve since brought in a faux fur blanket to cover my legs with when I’m comfortably ensconced in my chair.

And I have lots of furry friends to keep my company while I’m holed away in the writing cave, too.

Now that I’m retired, I’ll be spending even more time in here than I did before.