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Hungry Ghosts by C J Barker #wartime

Today on Celtic Connexions, I’m welcoming C J Barker and his wartime novel Hungry Ghosts.

hungry ghosts


The lives of Vic Woods and Ruth Wolfe, working-class teenagers from Liverpool and London, are profoundly disrupted by the arrival of World War II.

Ruth’s journey leads her to aerial photographic interpretation, though her aspirations for advancement are denied, while Vic’s wartime experiences with bomber command haunt him long after the war is over. Their post-war marriage and tumultuous relationship with their son, James, make for a gripping narrative of trauma, conflict and, ultimately, love.

Set against the backdrop of World War II and the social upheaval of the late 1960s, Hungry Ghosts transports readers into the drama of two pivotal eras in history, exploring the intergenerational impact of war, particularly on the intricate relationships between fathers and sons.

Hungry Ghosts is not just a war story; it’s a timeless exploration of family bonds and the indelible scars left by war.

hungry ghosts

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My Review

England during WWII. Ruth joins the WAAF, and Vic joins the RAF. The book wasn’t quite what I expected, but the premise intrigued me. It was an enjoyable read nonetheless. Ruth is a strong and likeable character, although she does have a soft spot for Vic. Even Vic, despite his quirks, was likeable. It was his quirks that made his character come to life.

This is the first book I’ve read by C J Barker, but I’ll be watching for more.

About the author

hungry ghosts

Born in England, resident in Thirroul, Australia, Chris Barker has been an educator in schools and universities in the UK and Australia. He has published several non-fiction books, and now writes fiction between stints in the garden, where he grows vegetables and looks after chickens. He has published short stories in England, America and Australia.

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