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#PostfromParis – Day 1 Montmartre

Let me backtrack a bit first. After we checked in at the airport and were waiting at the departure gate, our name was called “King, party of two” and we were asked to present ourselves to the airline representative at the check in line. We were… drum roll please… given a complimentary upgrade to Club Class – aka First Class! What treatment! Real china plates, stainless cutlery, stemless wine glasses. The champagne was offered while we were still waiting for the rest of the people to board… did I mention we got to board first, too?

As our meal was being served, there was a medical emergency (apparently in the seat directly behind me) and they called out over the PA system asking if there was a doctor on board and if so, would he make himself known to the cabin crew. Yikes! Scary moments but eventually, normalcy was restored and we got out meal.

Our airport to hotel shuttle never did show up and after a number of phone calls made by a wonderful man at the airport on our behalf, they sent a private mini van to collect us. This van wasn’t even one of the company’s that I hired’s fleet. In the end, we did get to the hotel, checked in (about 2 hours after our plane landed) but our room wouldn’t be ready until at 2:30.

Paparazzi Pair –

able caneAble Cane here with a breaking news story. Roxie Rebel and I have discovered world famous author, Melanie Robertson-King’s, whereabouts. She’s in the Montmartre area of Paris, but once again she gave us the slip. It’s amazing how fast she can move with her cane.

Roxie, did you manage to get any pictures?

Roxie RebelSorry, Able. She was too quick. I did get shots of places she’d been but by the time I was able to preview them on my computer, she wasn’t in the frame.

Well what did you manage to get then, girl?

See for yourself.

Montmartre Steps
Sacre Coeur
Gare du Nord

Excellent shots, Roxie, well if you don’t count the fact that Melanie isn’t in any of them.
But we don’t want our followers to be disappointed. We’ll track her down and maybe even she’ll agree to an interview.

This is Able Cane signing off for now…