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#PostfromParis – Day 6 Versailles, Palais Royal

Today was our tour of the Palace of Versailles. We were to meet the bus that would take us there for the afternoon at 13:30 near Vedettes de Paris. We had plenty of time so did a walk about beforehand. There was a walking tour I wanted to do but because it’s only on Thursdays, I came up with a variation of it and we did some of it this morning starting at the Church of Saint Sulpice.

fountain in place sulpiceAt Place St Sulpice

Church of Saint Sulpice

From here we walked to the Jardin du Luxembourg and took in the beauty of the manicured lawns and fountains.

Fontaine Medecis in the Jardin du Luxembourg
Fontaine Medecis in the Luxembourg Gardens
fountain in jardin du luxembourg
Fountain in Jardin du Luxembourg
palais du luxembourg
Palais du Luxwmbourg
manicured trees in jardin du luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg

It was a beautiful day so we walked from here up to the meeting place for the bus tour. While waiting, we encountered this guy.

with clown near vedettes des paris

with clown near vedettes des paris 2

When we had done these pictures, he offered to take one of us together but we’d seen him in action before already and he’d held people’s cameras for ransom until they gave him money for his services. We refused the offer and when he dropped a five Euro bill from the cuff of his jacket, told him about it. So we figure we saved him some money.

We’d seen these cute little rental cars scooting about in Paris. I can’t imagine driving here. Sometimes being a pedestrian can be scary enough.

Electric car
Electric car

We found the location where our bus would pick us up so went there to wait. It and the driver were there but we couldn’t board straight away, although we did get to board earlier than usual. I think “Able” had something to do with that.

While I was relaxing on the bus, Don chatted with the driver and checked out the bus. What can I say, once a mechanic – always a mechanic?

checking out the bus

Soon we were on our way out to the Palace of Versailles.

Statue of Louis XiV outside Versailles
Statue of Louis XiV outside Versailles

There were so many people going through the palace that in places we were packed in like sardines. I can see why they have signs telling patrons to be aware of pickpockets.

Palace of Versailles

This was one of the few unobstructed pictures I was able to get and that was only because you weren’t allowed in this room. You could only get as far as the barricade in the doorway and I squeezed my way there was people who had finished with their photos moved on.

Chapel Royal
Chapel Royal

When the tour moved upstairs, I was offered the use of the lift (along with a young mother with a child in a stroller) rather than climb.

A small portion of the gardens from one of the upstairs palace windows
A small portion of the gardens from one of the upstairs palace windows
The hall of mirrors
The hall of mirrors

There were a number of rude people touring the palace and they pushed past us, through us and practically walked over top of us – all for the sake of taking a photo. I bought a guidebook to the palace that I can peruse at leisure any time I want and can see the rooms entirely… not through a throng of people.

One of the couples on the bus (we had to wait for them at the beginning, too) was late getting back and the driver almost left without them. That time difference meant we hit rush hour traffic coming back into Paris. But in the end, the driver got his own back on them. He dropped us off on Pont d’léna directly in front of the Eiffel Tower rather than down below where he picked us up. He said it would be easier for me.

Not as many steps today (mind you, inside Versailles the pedometer didn’t register most of our movements because it couldn’t move) – only 14,045. Each day the leg gets a wee bit better.