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“I’ve got the LOOK!” (The ziggy zig zag challenge)

I don’t know who exactly started this, but a week or so ago I was tagged with “I’ve got the LOOK” by the wonderful Gilli Allan. She sent me the challenge of talking about my latest work in progress. The idea is to search for the word “look” then post some of the surrounding text or paragraphs around the choice you have made.

So my latest WIP is my NaNoWriMo project (there I go mentioning it again) but I found umpteen mentions of the word “look” but I think I’ve found a great excerpt from my piece tentatively entitled Shadows from her Past

Jenny (ignored his jibes and) ran back to Weetshill clutching the foreign object tightly in her hand. “F-father,” she yelled as she charged through the front door. “L-look wh-what I f-found!”

Mrs. MacEwen intercepted her. “Slow down child. Whatever has you in such a state?”

“I-I f-found th-this,” she stammered holding the foreign object out.


Robert entered the great hall from the library. He knelt by Jenny and looked at what she held in her hand. Was this the thing that Sarah was so upset over losing when she first arrived at Weetshill? The advanced technology of it was nothing like he’d ever seen before. “Calm down, Jenny. Deep breaths and tell me where you found this.”

Jenny nodded. “A-a t-tree. S-saw it b-bigger. F-found th-this in th-the g-grass n-near it.”


The challenge to this is coming up with a few good paragraphs and not include spoilers, which can be a pretty tall order, but as this is a work in progress, there’s not guarantee this snippet will still be there when the final product rolls off the line.

Now I have to bestow this honour on five more people… and they are:

  1. Janice Horton
  2. Dorothy Bush
  3. Barbara Ehrentreu
  4. Janet K Brown
  5. Gina Dickerson