A lovely Sunday Afternoon walk

After making the Father’s Day rounds – cemetery to leave flowers for my Dad, out to the house to deliver my step-Dad’s gift (which ended up being left between the doors because he wasn’t home), my husband and I walked from our house to the supermarket at the far end of the high street. After getting home from the writing workshop last night and catching up on other things, I hadn’t taken any meat out of the freezer for supper, and if we wanted to eat tonight, we had to go to the store. It was a gorgeous, sunny day and almost brutally hot if you weren’t in the shade.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to put a sensible pair of walking shoes on before we left. On our way back, when we got to our street, I slipped off my sandals and walked the rest of the way in my bare feet… except when I had to cross one street. The sun-kissed concrete sidewalk was hot enough on the bottoms of my wee tootsies.

Yesterday’s Brian Henry Workshop

Brian’s How to Write a Bestseller workshop was fantastic! Like all his workshops I’ve attended, it was intense but presented in such a way that I wasn’t overloaded with information. I learned lots of tricks and tidbits that I can’t wait to try in my own writing.

After the lunch break, Kelley Armstrong gave an interesting presentation from an author’s perspective and experiences. Again lots of good stuff, I can’t wait to try.

All in all a good day.