The Post-Op Update

Compared to Saturday, Jake travelled well in the car this morning. Not much fussing. Pretty much sat looking out the side window or with his head between the front seats looking to see where we were going. Hardly any whining or crying because he was in the car.

I called the animal hospital about 3:00 this afternoon to see how things went (he was scheduled for surgery around 2:00) and he had just gone in but the girl put me on hold and went to get an update for me. Things were going well, he was doing fine and the vet would call me afterwards.

About 3:30, the vet returned my call. The surgery had gone well. He was awake and sitting up but very groggy. Because of the time of day, she preferred to keep him overnight. His ear had a bandage on it and he had a cone on but still the first 24 hours after the surgery to completely drain the hematoma in his ear flap can be quite messy. Yes, the cone will stop a lot but there is still the finer blood spray that would escape. Who wants that mess just before Christmas? Not me. If he came home, he might be a bit too excited and run around, and cause himself undue pain. She also mentioned she didn’t know how he’d adjust to the cone. As long it’s the same one he went in wearing – the one they put on him Saturday – he’d be just fine. He had no difficulties adjusting to it whatsoever.

It seems strange not to hear him scratching at the backdoor to get in or see him lying on his bed but he’ll be home tomorrow night.

I’ll post a post-op photo of Jake tomorrow night but in the meantime, here’s one of him from a happier occasion.

The Halloween Hound

Hope he enjoys his night at “the spa”.

If it’s Monday – it must be surgery

Today is the day. I go back to work after being on holidays for a week. Jake goes to the vet to have his ear surgery. Poor wee beggar doesn’t understand why he can’t eat this morning. He’s following us around like we’re pork chops. He’s finally settled on his bed again but for how long?

Jake - Pre-op

You can see in this photo how swollen his right ear flap is. When we took him on Saturday, we were told he’d broken the blood vessels in his ear and it was bleeding internally. There are plenty of blood vessels in there so even though they drained it, they weren’t able to get all of it and by yesterday, it was every bit as engorged with blood as it was before we took him and maybe even worse.

I’ll post another picture of him tonight after I get him home. Hopefully, with the exception of some post-op swelling, his right ear will look like his left.