2017 Theme Reveal ~ #AtoZChallenge

2017 Theme Reveal

2017 Theme Reveal


Once again, I’m participating in the annual blogging from #AtoZ Challenge. The first year, 2014, I went with random subjects. Much easier when you have to have a post for every letter of the alphabet.

In 2015, I did animals. And yes, there are animals with names beginning with the letter X.

Last year it was book/story titles.

This year, drum roll, please…

Day 1


I’m tackling rock group/solo artists. I hope you’ll stop by during the month of April and see if any of your favourites are included.

Here’s the schedule (you really don’t think I’m giving away my choices, now do you?):

Apr 1st – A

Apr 3rd – B

Apr 4th – C

Apr 5th – D

Apr 6th – E

Apr 7th – F

Apr 8th – G

Apr 10th – H

Apr 11th – I

Apr 12th – J

Apr 13th – K

Apr 14th – L

Apr 15th – M

Apr 17th – N

Apr 18th – O

Apr 19th – P

Apr 20th – Q

Apr 21st – R

Apr 22nd – S

Apr 24th – T

Apr 25th – U

Apr 26th – V

Apr 27th – W

Apr 28th – X

Apr 29th – Y

And the lone Sunday in the month…

Apr 30th – Z