The Face in the Stones

It’s only recently, I saw the face in the stones in this photograph.
This picture has been the wallpaper on my computer since the end of 2014 when its predecessor decided it was time to have a major malfunction.

The stone circle, located in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland, features in my debut novel – A Shadow in the Past – and its not yet published sequel – Shadows From Her Past.

This type of stone circle, known as a recumbent stone circle, is unique to Aberdeenshire. You can find out more about them here.

Located on the top of a hill on a working farm (we gained permission from the owners to enter), in a field with cows and one bull, we had to  watch where we placed our feet. Initially afraid of us, it didn’t take long before the cows became inquisitive (sounds so much more polite than nosy) enough to set fear aside and come see what we were doing.

This particular cow looks like she’s resting her chin on the recumbent stone. Hers isn’t the face in the stones.



Do you see the face in the stones?

5 thoughts on “The Face in the Stones”

  1. Fascinating. I think I see it. Not sure. Is it the second stone on the right? If not, I’ll look again.
    Great picture of the cow. She looks so interested.

  2. Not that one. The cows in that field and across the road were very inquisitive. When we left the stone circle the others sauntered over to the fence to see us.

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