Traditional Publishing vs Self (indie) Publishing

It’s a really tough decision. The publishing industry is changing every day and it’s getting tougher as an unknown to break down the barriers and get that elusive YES from a traditional publishing house – whether they publish physical or e-books.

If you decide to indie publish, then do you go physical or electronic? How much money are you willing to put in? You have to remember, there’s no guarantee you’ll recoup your investment. How much time are you willing to put in to market and promote your product? How aggressively will you do it?

Even with traditional publishing houses, the onus is falling more and more on the author to promote themselves.

On April 1st, Janice Horton launched a successful marketing campaign for her indie published e-book for the Kindle, Bagpipes & Bullshot, on and While her book had been up on their site for some time, she asked everyone to hold off purchasing it until the official launch day. She built momentum with her blog, facebook posts and asked others to blog and post on facebook, twitter and other social media sites. Throughout the day, she was the guest blogger on a number of other blogs. If you look at my Successful Launch post, you’ll see how things turned out for her.

Decisions, decisions. The only thing that is constant is you need a quality product no matter which road you choose to travel down.


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