McDonalds Corners ~ Oct 25th

Today, I took part in the Annual Fall Craft Show at the McDonalds Corners Agricultural Hall. I did a show here in the spring and had fun at the event (and good sales). The battery-operated LED fairy lights put in an appearance again today and my easel and poster board (after repairs were done) showing the inspiration behind A Shadow in the Past came along, too.

McDonalds Corners
My display
McDonalds Corners
Me holding my “book babies”

BTW, this is a different red top but in the lead up to Christmas (okay it’s before Halloween), I think red is far more festive… not to mention it matches with my table cloth and tartan topper.

I love doing events like this. I meet so many interesting people. It’s great to connect with prospective customers and re-connect with those I’ve met before.

From what I’ve been told, this show is usually busy from start to finish. But the weather was gorgeous today so people probably stayed home and got outdoor chores done before the snow flies. Will it deter me from taking part in the future? No way!

By the end of the day, I sold 1 copy of The Consequences Collection.

Like I said, sales were soft but it was still a fun day… and enjoying life is what’s important.

One thought on “McDonalds Corners ~ Oct 25th”

  1. I absolutely love hearing about all these fairs you go to. I cannot wait to participate in events like these. I love meeting and talking with people, so it’s totally up my alley. Hopefully, my book will come out early next year as planned! 🙂 So glad you’re having fun!

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