#CoverReveal ~ ORION’S GIFT by Anneli Purchase

Orion’s Gift has a gorgeous new cover!

The talented artist, Anita B. Carroll of http://race-point.com, who did the new cover for The Wind Weeps and Reckoning Tide has done it again!

orion's gift

Love and adventure and run-ins with drug dealers await Kevin on his first trip to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula; not what he expected on his escape from a bad marriage. Share the ride as you read “Orion’s Gift.” Here is an excerpt.


Sylvia. Sylvia. The syllables rolled off my tongue. What a pretty name. I tossed back and forth on my camper bed unable to stop thinking about her. Sylvia. Her name suited her perfectly. I hadn’t touched her, but I knew her skin would be silky smooth; her hair soft and satiny. She simply glowed health. Her camper was tidy. She made a great salad in record time. She looked stunning. What a catch for someone!

Of course she was. And someone had already caught her. But maybe he had lost her. That band of white on her ring finger told of a wedding ring recently removed. I knew all about that; my own, sunken to the bottom of the Rosedale sewage treatment plant by now.

I wondered where she was going. I had no firm plans, so maybe I would wait and see where she was heading before making any more travel plans of my own. Mañana, right? I was getting into the Mexican mode already.

I don’t know how long I’d been asleep when I heard a vehicle enter the campsite. The night had been so still that it was impossible to mistake the rattling and coughing of a rusted out muffler. A flash of headlights lit up my camper and then rested on Sylvia’s van. I hurried to stick my feet into my runners. Armed with an axe handle and a flashlight, I carefully opened the camper door and shone the light around.

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Amazon.com    https://www.amazon.com/Orions-Gift-Anneli-Purchase-ebook/dp/B008WEMW7U

Amazon.co.uk  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Orions-Gift-Anneli-Purchase-ebook/dp/B008WEMW7U/

Smashwords.com   https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/213638


About Anneli Purchase

orion's gift

Anneli Purchase lives on Vancouver Island in western Canada, writing and working as a freelance copy editor. She has written four novels and is working on her fifth. She enjoys camping, fishing, gardening, and photography. Outdoor life plays a role in much of her writing.



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  1. Thanks to the kind commenters. I’m really thrilled about the new cover. Anita did a great job, as she has done with two of my other novels.

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