2018 #AtoZ Challenge ~ Theme Reveal

2018 #AtoZ

2018 marks the 5th year I’ve taken part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

The first year (2014), my blog posts were random items, but they covered every letter of the alphabet.

2015, I went with a proper theme and chose animals.

2016, it was book titles.

2017, I decided to cover musical groups/solo artists.

Quite the range of topics, don’t you think? So what does that mean for the 2018 #AtoZ Challenge?

Rather than keep you, my faithful readers, in suspense any longer, my Blogging from A to Z Challenge theme for this year is – towns, cities and villages around the world.

I hope you’ll stop by each day of the challenge to see what location I’ve chosen for that date.

Here’s the schedule (not that I’m revealing any more than that at this time).
A – April 1st (yes, April Fool’s Day)
B – April 2nd
C – April 3rd
D – April 4th
E – April 5th
F – April 6th
G – April 7th
Day off – April 8th
H – April 9th
I – April 10th
J – April 11th
K – April 12th
L – April 13th
M – April 14th
Day off – April 15th
N – April 16th
O – April 17th
P- April 18th
Q – April 19th
R – April 20th
S – April 21st
Day off – April 22nd
T – April 23rd
U – April 24th
V – April 25th
W – April 26th
X – April 27th
Y – April 28th
Day off – April 29th
Z – April 30th

With the exception of April 1st, there are no posts on Sundays. We all have to rest and re-charge for the following week, don’t we?


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