G is for Glasgow ~ 2018 #AtoZ Challenge

G is for Glasgow

G is for Glasgow

2018 #AtoZ Challenge


We’re back in Scotland today visiting one of my favourite cities. Home to museums, universities and colleges, Glasgow also boasts many museums, heritage locations, and more.

The city’s Necropolis (even if you don’t care to wander through cemeteries is a place to visit. The architecture of some of the stones is amazing. Mausoleums and vaults dot the landscape in the city of the dead. This monument is modest compared to some.

G is for Glasgow

Do you remember the nursery rhyme ‘Wee Willie Winkie?’

G is for Glasgow

The Duke of Wellington Statue in front of the Gallery of Modern Art. And, no, you’re not seeing things. The statue is wearing a traffic cone on his head. Even the horse has been seen wearing a matching ‘chapeau.’

G is for Glasgow

The band Caledonia (a fitting name for a Scottish band, don’t you think?) playing on Buchanan Street.

Glasgow is also the setting for Caro Ramsay‘s Anderson and Costello crime series.

Shopping, pubs, museums. Glasgow has a little something for everyone. You can see why I like it so much.


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