Our 36th Wedding Anniversary

wedding day photo
June 7, 1975


Off with my husband for a night out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The wedding photo above was on the front of the invitations I made for our 25th anniversary that we celebrated in Scotland where we renewed our vows in the church at Quarriers Village (the orphanage where my father was raised).



8 thoughts on “Our 36th Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Arrrrh – what a lovely photo! Many congratulations on your 36th Wedding Anniversary both to you and to Mr M R-K. I hope you enjoy a romantic night out together to celebrate. Lots of love, Janice xx

  2. Thank you. We enjoyed a very nice meal out at our new local (our old one on the other side of the street closed a while ago and has yet to reopen). Our only stipulation about where we were going was it had to be within walking distance so we could both have a drink.

  3. Many Many happy returns of the day !! Very Nice Picture !! U look like a kid. How old were u Mel when u got married ??

  4. I was a young lass of eighteen when I got married to as Janice referred to him in her comment, Mr M R-K.

  5. Two wee young love birds in love…….still….

    Congrats on your accomplishment!

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