I’ve chosen my name!

I need help choosing my name. I want to thank everyone who offered suggestions either here, via email, or on social media.

You might think I misbehaved with my doleful expression and am in trouble for it, but I assure you that’s not the case. I’m just sad because I don’t yet have my name.

Image by Manfred Burdich from Pixabay

Here is the complete list that Melanie’s fans and readers have come up with:

Jerry (named for a man who had PTSD)
Luke (associated with the saint of healing)
Percival (Percy for short)
Rufus the Red

There are three that I’m rather partial to and a couple that won’t work. One is because I’m a boy, and it’s a girl’s name (Sadie). I’m an emotional support dog. I don’t want to need one of my own.

The other that won’t is Buddy. He’s already a doggo in the book. His breeder name is Frankfurt’s Champion Beauregard, and he’s a wee black and tan Dachshund who looks much like this chap below.

Image by mystic_oneness0 from Pixabay

You can’t have two characters with the same name in one book. It just doesn’t work.

So which ones are my favourites?

They are:

Percival (or Percy for short)

Which of these three names do you think suits me best? Do I look like a Jerry, a Luke or a Percy?

I’ve decided I’m a Percy. Actually, it was Gareth who eventually came up with my name. It seems fitting since he and Melissa met in the town of Percé. You might think it’s strange using a name so close to the setting where “It Happened,” but you pronounce them differently.

This previous post includes the doggos in the series (although not all with photos).

5 thoughts on “I’ve chosen my name!”

  1. I love the name Percy! It has a nice sound to it! Great choice! I know you’ll enjoy being called that. If you get in real trouble, your owner might call you your full first and last name. Percival, like my mother used to do if I got in trouble. She would call me Joan Frances Meyer! I knew I had to get there fast but I wanted to hide.

    So neat that you are an emotional support dog.

    Never Give Up

  2. It’s so cool that all three of my pups names were on the list of choices: Bruno, Sadie, and Jesse. 🙂 But I think Percy is the perfect name. Like Joan said, you may get called Percival when you’re in trouble. I had a cat named Teddy, but when he was in trouble I called him Theodore. Lol

  3. Dear Shawn,
    I’m glad you agree with me. I was even thinking that Melanie could give Percival a middle name…Percival Luke and whatever his master’s last name is! Fun!

    Enjoy being you. Never Give Up

  4. We all knew, as kids, when we were in the deep and murky when all of our names were used. I’m glad you liked the name I/Percy decided on. It seemed fitting with the location where Melissa and Gareth met.

  5. A middle name? Holy moly! It took a lot of brain cells and help from friends to come up Percy. Mind you, no matter how you cut it, it’s not as stuffy as Buddy’s registered name – Frankfurt’s Champion Beauregard. Stuffy or what?

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