2000 miles!

Bang the drums! Crash the cymbals! Set off the fireworks! I’ve walked 2000 miles since I had my hip replaced on March 22, 2021.
2000 miles
Before I got my Fitbit, I never gave the distance or number of steps I walked in a day much thought. Well, maybe on a trip to Scotland when I was trying to outdo Wendy H. Jones and that was with a bum hip.

I feel so much better and I’ve lost weight. I don’t get winded like I used to, even when I’m clipping along at a good rate.

My daily walks give me time to unwind and relax. My brain has been in lockdown on the writing front so it’s nice to get out and let my mind wander. It’s helped and I’ve come up with some ideas for scenes for the current work in progress. They might end up on the cutting room floor, but they can at least enjoy a moment or two in the spotlight before I kill the darlings.

When I first set the goal of 2000 miles, I didn’t think I would get there before my birthday later in the year so I was pleasantly surprised to achieve it on August 18th.

But I really shouldn’t be all that surprised. I achieved 1000 miles by Feb 20, 2021, and that included my early days of pot-op recovery and very few steps.

I achieved that before the one-year anniversary so I figured what’s another 1000? I should hit 2000 miles by my birthday easily. And yes, it was easy, especially when most days I walk between five and seven miles. And I had fun! I’ve splashed in puddles and slid down slides in the parks. My inner child has come out to play again.

If you follow me on Facebook, since January I’ve posted maps of my daily walks with the number of steps and miles travelled. I’ve had people tell me they get tired just reading and seeing where I’ve walked.

You can follow me on Facebook here.

The next goal will be 2500 miles and 3000 by the two-year anniversary of my surgery.


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