The historic Babcock Mill at Odessa

This was our final stop on our quest yesterday. After all, if we were going to travel over half the distance to Toronto for some photos, I had to make it a worthwhile trip. Dear Mr M R-K and I had been here and along the river in Napanee when our children were small. It was SO nice to be able to repeat the trip – just us.

Babcock Mill - side & back
Babcock Mill - back
Babcock Mill - front

While we wandered around the mill, I found a large goose feather. I know it was from a goose because of the great gobs of goose *poop* that were in various stages of decomp around the place. Well, when we got home, I told my oldest grandson that I plucked the feather right out of the goose’s butt! And he believed me!



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