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Join us on 1 August 2011 to celebrate the launch of  featured new Author Sue Johnson’s novel Fable’s Fortune, published by Indigo Dreams.

Coming up on 8 September 2011 another celebration –  Sue Watson’s tale entitled  Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes goes on sale, courtesy of Rickshaw Publishing.

We will be showing extracts from both these novels that can’t be read anywhere else!  So do come back and help us celebrate style!  We would also like to know what you would like our future book ‘launches’ to include.  Do you find small extracts tempting, or would you prefer to see a few pages lifted from the story?  You can post a comment or click on our Feedback contact link on the righthand side of the website.

So who else will we be talking to on our ‘magazine style’ blog?

We will be talking to publishers – Indigo Dreams and Rickshaw Publishing will be featuring on our blog in the coming weeks to talk to you, our readers, about what is happening in publishing today and giving an inside view of what it’s like on the other side of the fence!  We will be asking them what they think of our innovative and new interactive website – asking them about what does make a difference in today’s changing world.

We also have our very own Resident Astrologer – Shaz Goodwin, who is on hand to talk to our new Authors and Associate Readers about how their star signs affect them –  Shaz’s Stars. But does Shaz have anything else in store to surprise us?  I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so you will just have to keep coming back to see what’s going to be on offer!

We will also be launching a new graphic to head up Shaz’s articles, which has been designed by one of our own new Authors – Lun Kikogne! So thank you Lun – who (by the way) also designed his own book cover … so check out Lun’s author page on the righthand side of our website ——->


And we have new Author Janice Horton wearing her Editor’s hat, as she interviews our wonderful Featured and Associate Readers when they sit down in the Review Chair to talk about some of our authors’ books.  But we want to know all about those readers too, because it’s readers who buy books and feedback is invaluable to our new Authors.

Of course, Editor Missy P Wadkins will be keeping you up to date with all the fun and gossip that comes with being a part of this innovative interactive website, and The Fizz will be full of snippets on our magazine style blog.

If you see one of our new Authors or meet up with them online – please contact us as Missy would be delighted to hear about your interaction!  Photographs would be fun……

Also coming soon is new Author Mandy Baggot doing just a little ‘mingling’ to report back on how important music is to aid inspiration whilst writers sit glued to the keyboard….

If you buy one of our authors’ books because of our website, then tell us so we can shout about it.  If you don’t want to be interviewed that’s fine, we understand, but we would like to acknowledge ALL levels of support.  We are grateful if you choose one of our authors books to help an unknown, one book at a time….  a simple Email via our ‘Feedback’ Contact Us page and why your hand selected that book…….. sharing is caring!

So whether you are someone who wants to join our team and take an active part, or you are just visiting the website to read what’s going on – we love having you and we appreciate your support.  Hope to see you again soon!


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