Comments on my Review Chair of 1923: A Memoir

For those of you who aren’t on Facebook or Twitter or a member of the Love a Happy Ending group, I thought I would share the comments my review of 1923: A Memoir generated…

Harry Leslie Smith:  What an insightful ‘Review Chair’ of my memoir 1923 by Melanie Robertson-King. She did a marvellous job! I could not ask for a better associate reader.

Melanie Robertson-King:  Thank you for your kind words, Harry. It’s been a pleasure.

Janice Horton:  Your Memoirs sound like a must read, Harry, and Melanie’s enthusiasm for your writing shines through in this review.

Melanie Robertson-King: Happy to help.

Linn Halton:  A big round of applause to Melanie, Harry and Janice – what a brilliant example of team working to produce something to capture the readers’ interest! Well done.

Chris Longmuir: Yes it was a good one. Hope it leads to lots of sales.

Kathryn Brown: This book fascinates me. My late father-in-law lived here for all his 83 years and passed away 4 years ago. He would have had a lot to talk about with Harry, I’m sure.

Harry Leslie Smith: Cheers to all of you. If you were near, I would offer you all a gin and tonic or what ever your poison might be…

Melanie Robertson-King: If my dad was still alive, he’d have lots to talk to you about, Harry.

Melanie Robertson-King: Thanks Linn for your round of applause for us… you’re making me blush.

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